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A Conversation for Tea

All tea is definitely NOT the same! The best tea for you really depends on your taste. Do you like floral tasting teas? Flavored? Sweet? Black, white, green, or oolong? I would recommend loose over bags usually, but if you are just trying something you might want to do bags first. The brands I like are Harney Sons and Taylors of Harrogate. Earl Grey is a blended tea flavored with bergomot (a citrus). Since it is so popular, most tea companies carry a version of it. I usually don’t like it as I find the bergomot a little overwhelming, but sometimes it’s nice. PG Tips is black tea in bags that are shaped like little pyramids. My favorite tea in pretty much any brand is Darjeeling, which has a nice mellow flavor. My current favorite Darjeeling is from Taylors of Harrogate. Fortnum Mason also has a nice tea called Queen Anne. Anyway, whi oakley outlet chever you try, enjoy! Gany

My significant other went to India and brought some Darjeeling tea back for me. It says on the can “One of the smallest tea growing areas producing the best tea in the world. Teas with exceptional aroma and bouquet.” Sounds very impressive (and I sure was impressed) but it tastes like dried grass to me. In fact I have this problem with many teas. As a kid I was in love with tea. I tried many oakley outlet times to make my own herbal teas and was always dissapointed when it turned out it tasted just like it smelled, like dry vegetation. The notable exception was mint which was minty with just a slight hint of hay. There is one tea I really like, Genmai Cha. It’s a Japanese tea. It’s sounds fancy, and I am sure it is, however what it boils down to is green tea (preferably Sencha) blended with roasted rice. It’s lovely. It tastes like roasted rice. Note, btw that when making Darjeeling or green tea the water should not be boiling when oakley outlet it hits the leaves. You either remove the water from the heat just before it boils or let it rest for a couple of minutes after it’s boiled to let it cool down.

For a readily available Earl Grey, I prefer Bigelow’s over Twinings. I live in the middle of America, so getting good tea is a challenge. However, Twinings and Bigelow’s are available almost anywhere. The reason I prefer Bigelow’s is that the special component of Earl Grey is the bergamont added as a flavoring and aromatic. Bigelow’s bags are individually sealed in a foil packet, so the tea has that delightful aroma regardless of ‘shelf time’. I drink about 5 cups a day. I’m having a cup as I write this. By the way, not to be rigid, but I think Earl Grey is enjoyed best without milk or lemon. But have it as you like it.

Jacksons, Taylors of Harrogate and Fortnum and Masons (NOT the Classic blend) are all lovely brands of E oakley outlet arl Gray. Twinings is pretty nasty, Whittards Afternoon Earl Gray is okay (but not the plain Earl Gray), Bewley’s is undrinkable, Tesco’s Finest is acceptable, Clive Mc Cabe’s is quite nice. The best Earl Gray I have ever tastest was purchased in a tea shop in Windsor about 15 years ago it was a blend known as Shen Ning or Shin Neng. Darjeeling is supposedly the ‘champagne’ of teas and it is lovely, but I personally prefer Earl Gray a good version, obviously. Of course, it’s a personal taste thing. Lapsang Souchong, Jasmine and Russian Caravan are further favourites of mine maybe try them. Always buy leaf tea and use a heated teapot, most of the recommended amounts are too much half it and let the tea draw properly before pouring. Do NOT use milk!!!! A lemon slice is not recommended either. Good luck

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A Conversation for Taking up a Musical Instrument

As a trombone player of 8 years I’ve found the following tips helpful. When starting out, rent a trombone rather than buy one. Then if you give up, it’s not such a pain, and if you carry oakley outlet on, you can buy one later. During the first couple of years, stick to buying a se oakley outlet cond hand trombone. These things can be quite expensive, but a second hand student model cost me 150, as opposed to 400 or more for a brand new one! If you’re under school leaving age (in the UK), get your county music service to find you a teacher. If you are at school, you probably already know wh oakley outlet o is your local Brass teacher. Don’t splash out on mutes and other expensive equipment until you start playing in groups that don’t have the words “Beginner” or “Intermediate” in the name. Don’t buy a gig bag unless you are 100% sure you can keep it safe. A hard case is heavier, but miles stronger. Most insurance for instruments won’t cover it if it is in a gig bag, even if you insure it seperatly. I have mine insured with a specialist musical instrument insurers, and even they won’t insure it in a Gig bag.

As a trombone player of almost 8 years (I’ve been playing nearly as long as Lifson) and a former brace wearer I have to say that it is possible to play the trombone (or any brass instrument) with a brace. Admittedly, it can be a bit more difficult, and occasionally painful, but like with learning any instrument if you stick at it, it gets easier. There are also mouth guards available (a sort of miniature version of the thing that boxers wear) which, in addition to being extremely trendy and attractive, stops the brace from cutting your mouth whilst playing an instrument. There is also apparently a sort of wax that you can put on the brace for the same purpose. Another piece of advice: Even if you are planning on teaching yourself to play an instrument (such as a guitar I don’t recommend teaching yourself a brass instrument: at least learn the basics first), learn some basic maintenance of the instrument before you buy take advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Instruments can be expensive to buy, and if you aren’t able to clean or repair the instrument properly, they can lose t oakley outlet heir value and playability very quickly. That’s pretty much all I can think of for now. Can’t believe me and Lifson both came to the same place with the same intention, but oh well. Madmaz

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A Conversation for Storing Plastic oakley outlet Bags

In the Republic of Ireland, we have virtually eliminated plastic bags, by the government introducing a 15 cent tax on every plastic bag used. Irish people do not like paying taxes, so we stopped using the things, virtually overnight. We use recyclable paper bags, reusable indestructable “green bags”, which look like cloth but are actually some sort of plastic, and cardboard boxes. You should t oakley outlet ry and introduce a similar scheme in your country, wherever you are, before the world is buried in plastic.

In belgium one of the main supermarket chains has introduced plastic boxes (like paper ones but more durable). They can be ‘purchased’ with bonuspoints you can collect when shopping. Very handy. They even adapted the shopping carts to fit them in. This pretty much eliminates the need for any bags while shopping. Australia goes t oakley outlet o the other extreme though (at lea oakley outlet st they did a few years back when I was there). There the staff of supermarkets will pack everything for you and in the process try to use as many bags as possible (I’ve had bags with only three or four items in it.). Not sure why, but they seem to like it Rod