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cheap oakley 8 Things To Put In Your Golf B

8 Things To Put In Your Golf Bag

I have had a long career in golf, from professional tournaments to Saturday mornings with some buddies. Rain or shine, cold or hot, I have played in just about every condition imaginable (thank you Chicago weather).

My entire life I have loved to play in golf. Living in Chicago, I have managed to play in every condition possible.

Playing as much as I do, I have accumulated a lot of golfing equipment and apparel over my lifetime. Fortunately for me, I learned early what you need in your golf bag to cover you in just about every situation.

For any serious golfer, here is cheap oakley what I consider the necessities to have for a well stocked golf bag.

There is no need to mention all cheap oakley of the obvious stuff like extra balls, tees, a divot repair tool, and something to mark your ball on the green. Rather, this guide is meant to go beyond the necessities.

For anyone who plays in all types of conditions, here are a few things extra that you need to have in your bag.

1. Regular Gloves Please, more then one. Always have more then one glove in your bag. On extra hut and humid days, you can go through 2 or 3 gloves fairly quickly. The same with a rainy day. At a minimum, carry 2 to 3 gloves in your bag.

2. Wet/Cold Gloves You have a big advantage over the rest of the field if you carry wet gloves on a wet day. These gloves go on both your hands, and actually get stickier the wetter they get.

3. A Notepad/Journal This is my secret weapon. If I have my best day with a certain swing thought in my head, I don’t want to forget it. Also, if something goes really bad, I need to make sure I record it so I can learn from my mistakes.

4. Rain Suit Bottom and Top Cold and wet is no way to enjoy a day of golf. Make sure you carry your rain suit at all times. Get a nice rain sui cheap oakley t that can also take place as a jacket for the cooler days.

5. Bug Spray Chances are there are going to be trees and water on the course you’re playing. Which unfortunately are a great habit for mosquitos. Carry a small bottle of bug spray in your, especially if you like to play lat cheap oakley e at night.

6. Spray Sun Block The spray sun tan lotion keeps your hands free of a lotion that can be very slippery.

7. Umbrella One that you can attach to the side of your bag is best. Make sure it’s strong and durable.

8. Sharpie There is nothing like ruining a great round by hitting another persons ball.

This list may seem simple but if I always had the above items in my bag, I could of saved a lot of money over my lifetime.

cheap oakley 8 things to pack in your hospi

8 things to pack in your hospital bag

1. Sounds great and reasonable, but when you have a big mess from a tiny baby, the wipes are so much easier. I remember changing my first child first bowel movement (yes, the green meconium one). I was all alone in the hospital room and frankly wetting and using the wipes was super difficult, with a screaming newborn. For my next two kids, I made sure I had a package of sensitive baby wipes. Those first days went so much smoother.

2. iPhone, iPad, or Laptop: so you can stay connected (or chat with your Facebook friends and show them pictures of your new addition) or to play Angry Birds when the baby is sleeping. Any smartphone is fine, you going to have something. And you may want to have a suitcase that locks, so you can stash valuables if you go for a walk down the hall or shower. Don forget chargers and power chords. And yes, the hospital most likely has free wifi.

3. Two Take Me Home Outfits for baby and one for you: When you finally get to take baby home, a diaper accident may happen. You could always have someone bring these after the birth, if you not finding out your child gender or your baby is much smaller or bigger than expected. Also, you should have maternity clothes for you to go home in (no jeans, even maternity ones).

4. Toiletries Kit: Just like going on a trip, make sure you have travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shaving gel, razor, etc. When they finally let you shower, you want to be as clean as possible. You may not use everything, but you have anything you might want or need. Hospitals may supply some of this, but I know I feel better when I have my favorite shampoo and razor with me. You can probably skip the hair dryer (they may have this).

5. Robe and slippers: for walking in the hallway, covering a hospital gown, and so you can exit the bathroom without your roommate family members gawking at you (yes, it happened to me).

6. Credit card: For turning on the TV in your hospital room. The TV seems to be free in your delivery room, but you have to pay when you finally in your room. And when you can sleep at 5 am, you may want to turn it on. You may also want to turn on phone service (outgoing, incoming should be free).

7. Muslin swaddling blanket: You can practice swaddling the baby and it can double as a nursing cover when you have guests in the room, and cover the car seat for some shade as you leave the hospital.

8. Pacifier and holder (if you plan on using one): When taking kid 1 home, my husband and I had a screaming fight in the hospital lobby about who lost Ben pacifier). Lack of sleep can do that to you! I also try a few types of paci to see what kind your child likes (my first and third children liked NUK, my second child liked MAMS).

Did I miss anything important? Any tips on packing for the hospital?

I sorry but I don agree with this list very much. My hospital had Pampers brand wipes and diapers. We didn get a special take home outfit it was August and extremely hot the white little shirt was more than enough, maybe If it was winter. Also I didn have a roommate so I didn waste money on a robe two hospital gowns work just fine, and the socks had grip on the bottom no need for slippers . Also my hospital didn charge to use the tv? I live in Texas. And I have never heard of that.

I would recommend snacks for hubby, hospital food gets expensive, make up If your like me as nd want to look awake in pictures, camera, extra pillows, baby book, a folder for hospital papers.

You might want to add cloth diapers to the list. I plan to cloth diaper, at least after the first few days. But there are some women who might want to start immediately.

Sorry about your hospital experience. It sounds like your hospital is poorly funded. I never been in to give birth before but I have been inpatient more than once. I never heard of any hospital charging for tv, my experience has been free tv and you could even borrow DVDs for free. Hopefully I avoid finding out what my hospital offers by going no further than my living room.

I feel like I way overpacked for the hospital. I was only there for one night, so honestly I didn shower until I got home, and if I had I certainly would not have been shaving my legs, haha. Also tv was free, I can believe they charged you for that! And our hospital had unlimited diapers and wipes. I just wore the hospital gown. The only things from this list that I think are a must are iPad or laptop and clothes to go home in. Also, you should totally add snacks to your list!

I would say check with your hospital. Ours has a snack room and everything is free (well, I sure it was part of my total bill, but I didn have to pay at the time). TV was free. They used Pampers diapers and wet wipes. I was given a robe and slipper socks along with my gown. We were given a Halo sleep sack, pacifiers, socks, a onesie and a hand knitted cap for the baby. I only needed my toiletries, an outfit for each of us to go home in, my purse (with wallet, phone, sunglasses and charger) and the baby book. I WOULD advise you to pack your bag well ahead of time and put it in your car. I thought I would have plenty of time to throw my toothbrush etc. in the bag and grab a towel to sit on, the laptop, etc., but I went from 0 to newborn in 2 hours. I live 40 miles from the nearest hospital. My water broke and I was sitting on my coat to protect the upholstery. We called my sis after I delivered to go feed the dog, get the laptop (with our list of nam cheap oakley es!), and so on.

Wow, I don know what hospital you were in but I wouldn want to use it! The hospitals here all have Labor and Delivery in the same room with free cable TV, then you move to the Postpartum ward were the rooms are small, but they are all private with free cable. I would suggest snacks for daddy, the toiletry kit and the robe for walking the halls if you need to get up (I was hospitalized for the week before and after by daughter birth so getting out of the room was a must) I suggest the hospital tour before birthing to know what is included and what they charge extra for (like the little soaps and razors ect for your first shower).

Our hospital charges for cable but has free wifi so I going to bring my tablet so I can watch netflix. I love your ideas and would like to add a couple of things: Ladies depends were suggested to me by my sil as they are much more comfortable than hospital pads and don leak. Honey sticks for during labor as a easy source of energy in addition to other snacks. I will certainly be bringing my hair turban towel as I have really long thick hair that can totally saturate an inferior towel, not to mention a few hair ties and a headband to keep my crazy hair up and out of the way during delivery. I also going to bring a gown that opens down the front and a nursing bra so I can feed the baby without having to pull the top half of the hospital gown off.

I had a similar hospital to Jamie. Snack room (only I discovered it a few hours before checkout). We were provided a little newborn shirt/onesie but I thought the ones I brought were cuter. The hospital provided pampers diapers and wet wipes. My main list would be toiletries, clothes for the baby, sweats and a nursing tank/bras, socks slippers or flip flops, and snacks. My hubby used our laptop more than me. And don forget chargers for your camera, laptop, cell phone, etc!!! (Also don forget to bring them home!)

I agree with everything on this list. My hospital only provides dry wipes, a paper thin shirt and one size generic diapers that are too big and one blanket. They provide nothing for mom except one thin sheet on the bed and a paper gown. I brought a full carryon size suitcase with pjs, socks,pads, panties, toiletries, diapers, onesies and blankets. As well as a twin bed set with a comforter and pillow. And I also had to pay extra for tv and phone and shared a room. My hospital made it clear during the pre admission process that they are not a hotel and if I wanted to be comfy, I needed to bring all that stuff with me.

Nancy, I had to pay for tv as well! I delivered in Hoboken this time, and was shocked about the $10/day charge for tv. Thoght we were the only ones! I thought we could get away with ju cheap oakley st using the iPad during our stay, but the wifi was non existent! With NJ being the most expensive state to deliver in, you think we get some of the amenities mentioned above. You guys are lucky!

Great list! I brought TWO outfits for baby bc I couldn decide. Glad I did bc he had a blowout just as we were leaving. Also, I add a nursing bra and/or tank and nursing pads for those who choose to nurse. I forgot this time around and my milk came in, a day before we left. Oops!

i never heard of paying for watching tv?? at the hospital where i gave birth tv was free i didn know i could have as many drinks as i wanted ugh i was really thirsty so i had to asked my hubby to the store to get me some. i didn like that they were controlling the cheap oakley baby diapes and even the cloths wipe i was like are you serious not to mention the baby formula too, i disliked how i was treated, total opposite from when i had my first baby and in the same hospital. so i would say check with your hospital to see what they provide (something i didn do and totally regret) snacks,iPod,camera,pads,outfits for mommy and baby extra pillows,blankets for daddy toys for big sister or brother for when they go visit and they get bored watching people coming in and out lol oh have carseat read cheap oakley y i would say having it your room. We have great hospitals and great doctors but that doesn mean that all those amenities are provided. For now private rooms cost additianal, and there are 3 levels of within those private rooms. Maybe some moms that have posted health plan coverage is diferent and includes diferent amenities. However I do have complaint with government assisted health benefits. They get private rooms and meals for mom and dad, all included in their goverment paid health insurance, while I, the tax paying professional have to pay for my own insurance, option of private room and food for hubby.

Our hospital had private rooms, but we had to pay for cable in the post partum room. Cable in the labor/delivery room was free.

I brought a robe (I had a private room, but I had to go to the bathroom a lot and didn want my visitors getting a show), 1 set of going home clothes for me, plus one extra pair of pants in case one didn fit or was uncomfrotable. Our hospital also had dry wipes, so I probably would bring my own if there was a next time.

And this is just my preference but I would bring pepsi with me! After well over 24 hours of labor and having a child, all I wanted was a nice cold can of Pepsi (I kind of addicted). I ordered from their menu, but it was just a teeny can of very generic cola. I ended up sending hubby on a mission to locate a pepsi vending machine.

Ok, so now I have read all the comments, and, wow! I didn have as fancy schmancy as some (no free snack bar, no free car seat, no free halo sleepsack I wish!), but we had tv, internet, private (tiny, but private) rooms, basic toiletries baby supplies, phone service (and local calls were free). I had no idea there were places that charged for tv or used paper gowns, I feel for you women! I am suddenly even more grateful for my experience

I guess the moral of this is to take the tour, read the hospital website (they normally include what to bring/what is and isn included), and try to find someone who recently gave birth at that location to share what was good to bring.

I agree with most people, take the tour and see what you need. I think snacks for dad, your toiletries, camera, phones and laptop with chargers and a nursing bra. Take your jewlery off before you go to the hospital. All of it. Its just easier that way. Since I have to have c sections, I also bring a jug of my own juice. Since I have to be on clear liquids for the first 12 hours after surgery. They offer me juice, soup (broth really) water, and jello. The only thing is, the apple juice is everyone favorite and someitmes they are out. Also besides regular meals you can get something to eat from the nurses at anytime of day once I was allowed on solid food. They can bring you a sandwhich or something. Also bring a nursing bra. I hate sitting in the hospital without a bra on, I find it very uncomfortable. So as soon as i get back to the room after delivery I put one on. I don mind having to expose myself to nurse, but just find with those big breasts it to be uncomfortable to go 2 3 days without a bra. We have the cloth gowns and those work just fine for me.

cheap oakley 8 Things to Know About 16 And

8 Things to Know About 16 And Pregnant

Are you getting pumped for Jordan Howard’s episode of 16 and Pregnant?

Judging from this lucky lady’s promo, we’re in for a pretty dramatic episode cheap oakley (heaving sobs, anyone?), so grab your favorite prosthetic belly and check out 8 things you need to know about MTV’s newest starlet!

Jordan is from the small tow cheap oakley n of Millersville, Pennsylvania, where she enjoys the life of an everyday teen! Well, an every day pregnant teen who happens to be an MTV star.

2. She Gave cheap oakley Birth to an Adorable Baby Boy

Jordan gave birth to her son, Chase, on May 31, 2011, with the help of an epidural. Her baby daddy, Tyler, was right by her side during labor, but unfortunately she had a reaction to the epidural. What a baby buzzkill!

4. Tyler’s Race Is an Issue

As you can tell from 16 and Pregnant’s promo, Jordan’s parents are less than thrilled about the fact that Tyler’s white. However, Jordan insists that her mom was misrepresented, and tweets “My mom is white and father is black. She is no prejudice. Biracial is my whole life. Accept it.” Preach, girl!

5. She’s Engaged to Her Baby Daddy

Tyler and Jordan are currently engaged, but their relationship wasn’t always a teenage dream. cheap oakley Starcasm reports that these two had an ugly custody battle, as well as a “protection from abuse hearing” soon after Baby Chase was born. Thank goodness things turned around and they’re living happily ever after!

6. She Plays Guitar!

Jordan’s busy being a mommy, but she loves to rock out just like the rest of us! Her Facebook profile lists guitar playing as one of her interests, so fingers crossed that she’ll shred up a storm during her episode. Of course, we’ll be air guitaring right there with her.

7. She Wants to Move to New York!

Tyler and Jordan are sick and tired of small town living, and they’re ready to pack up their bags and book it to New York City! “Ty and I wanna move to ‘THE BIG APPLE,'” Jordan tweeted on April 21. Hmmm, maybe Jordan and her man got a taste for the big city during their reunion special with Dr. Drew?