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oakley vault 8 Amazing Works of Art You Nee

8 Amazing Works of Art You Need a Microscope to Appreciate

Seconds after this picture was taken, the mouse was devoured by a thumbnail sized origami hawk.

Origami is tricky to begin with. Your material is more delicate than a 13 year old girl’s feelings during her period, you’re not supposed to use glue or tape and if you don’t follow the multistep patterns perfectly, you’ll end up with the shameful sculpture known in origami circles as a “wad.”

Well, in true “I’m so good at this, I can do it tiny” fashion, German artist Anja Markiewicz folds origami so small that she has to use needles to get the job done, and she starts with bits of paper less than an inch wide.

Look at that. She’s taken this ancient, delicate art and shrunk it by, like, a gabillion. At any given point the creation it took hours to make could be mistaken for a piece of lint or an “absolutely nothing” and destroyed by an inward gasp. We’re picturing someone with allergies walking into her studio and inhaling thousands of hours of work in a sneeze intake.

But even that seems downright sturdy compared to .

3. Lorenzo Duran’s Cutaway Leaf Art

Design Boom

There’s a thin line between genius and obsessive compulsive disorder.

It’s one thing to create beautiful things out of solid wood or paper or panties, it’s another to make art out of a material that can crumble into a coke fine nothingness as you work. Lorenzo Duran does just that with fallen leaves. His art is so delicate, so intricate, so Touched by an Angel esque you’d be impressed that it gets done at all, much less out of the stuff that will make your oakley vault compost next year.

Something tells us Lorenzo makes kickass jack o’ lanterns.

Here’s how he does it: First he has to collect the leaves. Then he has to wash them, dry them, press them and turn them into something other than oakley vault leaves, presumably. Maybe grocery bags? Next, he creates a design on paper. Then he lays the paper over the leaf and walks away while his elf minions do the oakley vault dirty work. Just kidding he uses a razor blade to cut out the designs himself.

Are you picturing oakley vault that? Cutting out each of those branches with a razor? Are you picturing getting 95 percent of the way done with it, then accidentally lopping off half of the tree because your hand twitched? Are you picturing yourself running around the house trying to find a teeny tiny little roll of Scotch tape?

In case you’ve ever wanted to pick spinach out of your teeth with the Eiffel Tower.

You’ve probably heard of people building models out of toothpicks. Tedious work, sure, but there’s always a way to take it to a level that will make even those people feel bad. Well, San Francisco artist Steven J. Backman does his models with just one toothpick. That’s what it took to make the Eiffel Tower sculpture up there the wood of one toothpick, a straight razor, glue and spunk (the “gumption” kind of spunk, not the other kind of spunk that would be even more impressive.)

It’s all a matter of slicing away at the individual toothpick and reassembling the tiny boards into the Brooklyn Bridge or White House or Marcy Projects. He can do anything!

Barack Obama is his own posse.

Those portraits of Barack Obama (who somehow makes his second appearance in this list of tiny art subjects) would look like nothing but specks or grains of sand if you held them in your hand the image up there was generated with an electron microscope.

What’s the point of making art so tiny that you’d have to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids anyone who wanted to see it? We’ll let the world’s philosophers answer that question. In the meantime, NanoArt, art so small that you can’t see it with the naked eye, is the newest thing in . very small visual media, we guess? As for the image you see above:

“The smallest presidential portrait by far, each image is composed of [about] 150 million carbon nanotubes, roughly representing the number of votes cast in the 2008 presidential election.”

If 150 million nanotubes sounds like a lot, keep in mind that all of them together still make a face that’s only about 10 times the width of a human hair. Here’s a very simple explanation of how it was made:

Can you tell those are fingers holding up that plate of tiny Obama heads? CAN YOU?

And here’s a picture of some NanoArtists at work:

This is a whole genre of art, by the way, using all sorts of chemical processes to get cool ass sculptures that microbes can gather around and enjoy. Below are “microfibers attached to a substrate that twist together upon evaporation of a solvent that they were immerged in.”

oakley vault 8 Amazing Video Game Moments T

8 Amazing Video Game Moments That Happened

EVE Online, the massively multiplayer online 401(k) simulator set in outer space, is going to be a TV show soon. Video game adaptations are nothing new, but the twist here is that the show is based on players’ stories: their anecdotes, wars, alliances, and dramas that popped up organically wholly independent of any kind of pre existing plot. Every bone in my comedian body wants to mock Online Role Playing Game: The Show, but the gamer in me knows that I can’t. It’s a brilliant idea.

That’s the best part of gaming, after all: those unscripted, unplanned moments that stick with you, even when the story is l oakley vault ost to a hazy blur. So I asked the question in this thread, and I’m asking you folks now: What’s your most memorable unscripted video game moment? Here are just a few of my favorite responses, as well as my own loosely related experiences in similar situations because I’m an uncompromising narcissist, and of course I found a way for this to be all about me, me, me. Anybody who called for their horse in Red Dead Redemption, only to find a confused Swedish immigrant responding in its stead still totally ready and willing to be mounted up and ridden about understands this to be true. Possibly my best gaming moment ever was brought to me by a broken product, even though the game itself worked fine. It was a magnificent, epic hardware failure that I will never forget:

I had just bought Brutal Legend, and I was loving every second of it. If people tell you that game wasn’t worth playing, do not listen to them. They do not see epic van murals every time they close their eyes; they do not understand awesomeness; they are terminally deficient in vitamin rock. It’s not perfect, but it is a fantastic experience, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you let a few less than stellar reviews stop you from playing 1980s High School Burnout: The Video Game.

I had just gotten a new super move one that let me play a guitar solo to bring a flaming zeppelin down on my enemies but I hadn’t used it yet. I’m no philistine: I don’t cough at the opera, I don’t wear white after Labor Day, and I don’t play my bitchin’ murderous magical guitar solos anywhere but on a lightning ravaged mountaintop. After driving to the top of the largest, spikiest, most appropriately metal peak I could find, I got out of my hot rod and played the solo. As advertised, a giant burning zeppelin came screeching out of the sky and slammed into the ground, setting the world aflame. The screen inverted from the impact. Random colors spewed out in every direction. The whole image shook and swayed and went to static, then did that old school “powering down” blip. Everything went black. It was perfect.

I thought it was all part of the special effects for the super move.

My TV, an old CRT model, had exploded right at the climax of the zeppelin crash. I had to drop $500 on an entirely new television that day, all because of one use of one super move in a single video game an oakley vault d I wasn’t even mad about it. The timing was just too perfect. That appliance could’ve gone out while watching Judge Judy disapprove of somebody’s baby daddy, but no: It was the Viking funeral of televisions it died showing me a flaming, screaming blimp explosion while electric guitars wailed on a mountain top. I hope I die half as metal.

Awesome Cinematic Saves

If we’re honest, most of us spend our gaming time hopping in a corner until we’re unceremoniously butchered by a mutant bunny. But every once in a while the stars align, and you come kicking in the door like a digital Bruce Willis, ready, willing, and surprisingly able to save the day.

Black Hawk Down of the Dead, by BlueNirvanna

Off the top of my head, one time while playing DayZ jumps to mind. For anyone who doesn’t know what DayZ is, it is a mod for the military simulator game ARMA2. It’s one big map with tons of places to go and zombies are everywhere. Also bandits are always trying to kill you for your beans. Surviving as long as possible is the goal.

So while playing DayZ with the Skype group, Reverend and I were the only ones on at the time and decided to fly around in the helicopter and shoot shit up with the big guns. Shooting zombies or hopefully some other players. While flying around, though, we ran into a group of survivors being mauled by zombies from a nearby town. They had a car and must have stopped it near the town to try and loot it but attracted all the zombies. Now, we had set out to kill people, but we knew this group of people and that they were friendly, we had given them guns and stuff before. So here we are, swooping in with a helicopter, guns blazing and killing zombies left and right before landing. I jumped out of the pilot’s seat to bandage one of them who was telling us they didn’t have any medical supplies and that one of their friends had passed out and was being eaten. After bandaging him I ran over to about four or five zombies that were chewing on some corpse and sprayed them till they dropped. The guy was still alive somehow and I managed to save him with blood bags and bandages. They didn’t want to leave their car behind so they instead jumped in that and drove off while Rev and I flew off into the sunset, having just saved the day.

You Win the Medal of Honor for Heroic Spasms, by Dickdastardly4

I was playing co op mode of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun with a friend of mine and there was this mission where we had to infiltrate some city without being detected. You started out the mission with these bitchin’ silenced pistols that were essentially one shot kills but only had a one bullet capacity and took about 10 to 15 seconds to reload, I guess to encourage you to be stealthy.

So we started off the mission perfectly, making our way into the city without raising any alarms until (since we were 15) this started to bore us and we just started running around pistol whipping dudes. When the alarm went off, me and my friend got separated because the level was essentially all narrow, twisting alleyways.

Anyway, all the enemy soldiers had followed me and I was being overwhelmed. All the while, my friend was running around in circles, looking for me. I ran into a dead end and two soldiers chased after me. I shot one with the aforementioned bitchin’ pistol, but the other one stepped up to me while I was struggling to reload, raised his rifle, and was just about to shoot me . when my friend stepped out of a nearby alley, put his gun to the soldier’s temple, and blew his head off.

It all looked so cinematic. Me helpless, struggling to load my gun as the enemy raised his barrel to blow me away, my mate stepping out of the darkness, right beside him, at the very last moment, and blowing his head off.

In reality, my mate hadn’t meant to do it at all. He was still running around in circles and only ran out of that alley by chance. When he ran into the soldier, he panicked and pressed the “fire” button instinctively.

James Bond’s Psychopathic Murdering Cousin, by Brockway

I was playing Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 (boooooo, I know, I know but in my defense, the video card for my PC had just fried from playing too much TF2). My team was, as usual, appreciably terrible (myself included). See, most multiplayer matches are made up of two teams: one elite, experienced, uniquely themed fighting force . and a bunch of random schmoes still trying to figure out which button jumps. You know that feeling when the lobby loads and the opposing team is:

You’re fucking doomed, and the game hasn’t even started! They’re so organized that their team has a cutesy theme, and you’ve got a stoner, somebody’s dad, a 10 year old kid, and a Dicknob. But what can you do about it? You have to try .

And trying we were. But as expected, we were getting butchered. Their armed sentries were tearing us up, and we were all so terrible tha oakley vault t nobody wanted to play as the spy the one class that excels at taking out sentries. I’m bad at all games, in general, but I’m particularly awful at shooters, and even worse at shooters that involve a lot of complicated gadgets and subterfuge. But there was nothing to be done for it: I could try to do my best as the class we needed, or we could just sit there and die with our thumbs up each other’s asses in a giant conga line of incompetence.

I chose to spawn as the spy, sneaked up behind enemy lines, and dramatically, ominously . loitered. I lacked murder confidence. Suddenly the entire enemy team came charging past me. I knew they didn’t see me, because I wasn’t on fire, but I also knew I couldn’t do shit about it unless I wanted to be on fire. Then I saw it the spy Holy Grail. The line. Just as I got within stabbing range, the whole team went single file to get through a doorway, and I butchered every single one of them, sequentially. Even better, it was right as they were coming through the last doorway to attack our capture point. So my teammates guarding the poi oakley vault nt saw a line of soldiers, heavies, pyros, demo men, and two medics fully powered up and ready to unleash hell coming straight for them, and justifiably lost all hope. Then name after impossible name starts popping up, all dead. Just a mishmash of different tones of screaming and spurts of blood, and then I jog out from behind the doorway, alone.

“You’re the best spy I’ve ever seen,” said one teammate. Thirty seconds later, I died trying to knife fight a missile turret because I couldn’t remember which button places a sapper, but for that one beautiful, shining half moment, I was James Bond’s murderous psychopathic cousin.

oakley vault 8 Actionable DIY QuickTips to

8 Actionable DIY QuickTips to Save Hundreds on Your Next Nasty Tenant Turnover

Okay, that being generous it smelled like Bigfoot tomb.

Not only was the smell so bad that every dog within a 16 block radius was cowering in fear, but the appearance wasn much better. Holes in the wall and doors, destroyed carpet, broken light fixtures, disgusting appliances.

If you been a landlord for any period of time, you probably know exactly what I talking about. If not don worry, you will. No matter how well we screen for the perfect tenant (see Tenant Screening: The Ultimate Guide) you may still have a problem. Recently, for me, it was a tenant we when we bought the property and were forced to evict.

Perhaps you have a lot of money and can simply hire a contractor to come in and total remodel the place. Maybe you have a property manager who will take care of the problem.

However, that not me (yet) and I often find myself with a hammer and bleach after a nasty tenant turnover. It not that I like doing it, but when contractor bids are coming in around $10,000 to get the property turned over, I can help but get in there and do what I can to save some money. (I know, I know a lot of you are cringing at that, saying my time is better spent finding deals. Perhaps that a debate for another day this article is for the DIY landlords out there, those just starting out, and those who just want oakley vault to save money and fix problems themselves. The following are 8 tips that I use to get my rental properties fixed up and rented back out quickly. Keep in mind I not saying this is exactly how you should do it, I just letting you know how I do it. Perhaps there is a tip or two in here you can use to save a few bucks on your next tenant turnover.

1.) Conside oakley vault r Hiring Out The Worst

Often times, people forget that it doesn need to be or nothing when deciding whether to DIY it or hire a contractor to fix a place up. In the example I gave above with the recent eviction I did, I hired a local handyman to haul out the smell carpet, the tenants junk, and do a quick cleaning of the place before I went in.

Yes, I want to save money, but for under $100, I was able to bypass all the worst parts.

2.) How to Kill Smells

When looking at potential properties, I LOVE a bad smell. Why? Because it drives everyone else away but it one of the easiest things to fix. To eliminate most smells:

Get rid of soiled carpet and pad. This is the 1 biggest reason a place smells.

Bleach the floors with 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water.

Let it dry, then paint the floors (as long as they aren nice hardwoods) with Kilz Oil Based Primer. This stuff runs about $12 a gallon but will kill any bad smell on the floor and it easy to do. Just pour small amounts out on the floor and spread it out with a roller on a stick.

Always use a respirator (about $30) when working with oil primer. Seriously or you pass out. I not kidding.

After a oakley vault couple days, the primer smell will go away, and you be left with a clean, fresh smelling property. If not check your sewer pipes!

3.) Paint Color

I done a lot of of paint over the years. As I documented at depth in my post What Is The Best Interior Paint for Landlords and House Flippers? (Hint It’s Not What You Think)I primarily use Wal Mart in house brand on all my properties, using the White color (no, it not white it a tan/yellow color) they have pre mixed. This way, no matter what property I go into to work on, it all the same color. To sum up that article I wrote, I tested almost every paint I could find and determined that every single paint brand required 2 coats (one heavy, one light.) The best paint usually covered 90% well on the first coat, but still required a second. The cheapest paint, however, covered about 60% but still required a second coat. So if all paint required 2 coats it all looked the exact same once finished I going to go with the cheapest ColorPlace. Besides, having it pre mixed on the shelf at WalMart is awesome.

I also use Semi Gloss on all properties. Some people say it doesn look the best but I think it looks amazing and have yet to hear a tenant complain otherwise. Instead, I am constantly encouraged by those looking at my properties at how beautiful it looks.

One more tip that Darren Sager advised on the BiggerPockets Podcast a few months back always write the paint brand and color on the lease. This way, both the tenant and you will know exactly what was used, leading to less confusion. Smart.

4.) Patching Holes

I will never understand why tenants punch holes in the wall. To me, that just seems so painful. However, I see it all the time a fist sized hole at chest level. So irritating.

Learning to do drywall repair is a sort of but it not really that complicated. Today, there are several tools that can make the process much easier. However, rather than trying to explain it in writing, here a quick video on YouTube I found that will show you how to do it:

Another hole that really annoys me (and happens often) is when a tenant punches a hollow core door in one of the bedrooms (again don ask me why. They just do this.) If the door is paintable, the hole can be sometimes be patched the same way as in the above video, but many times the hole is too large or the surface too smooth for the drywall mud to adhere properly. Instead, I usually do one of two things:

Get a new door (if it a standard size, you can often pick it up just the door slab for under $30 at Home Depot or Lowes)

Pu oakley vault t a mirror on the door. Yes, I serious. I learned this trick a few years ago and it has saved me a lot of time and money. Simply pick up one of those cheap, full length mirrors they sell for under $10 at a lot of stores (like at Target for $5.99) and screw it to the door. Not only does it cover the hole, it also makes your hallway look larger and decorates the unit a bit for under $10 and 10 minutes of work.

5.) Mold: Calm Down, People

If you live in an area where moisture is often present (like the Pacific Northwest, where I live) you are likely going to deal with mold and mildew often. Contrary to popular opinion, mold does not kill you and it much more common than you think and it very easy to treat when it not completely overgrown. Mold is generally the fault of the tenant, who has their furniture pushed too close to the wall or doesn ever allow for air movement in their home. It tends to grow near windows (because of condensation) and in bathrooms.

To clean mold, there are a lot of different products, but I a big fan of the 32 oz. Mold and Mildew Stain Remover made by ZEP and available at Home Depot. The stuff costs $2.47 and works like a charm. It amazing what a roll of paper towels and a $2.47 bottle of this chemical can do.

(Keep in mind, if you got a major mold problem, you may need to call in the professionals. I not talking about black grass growing across the ceiling. I talking about the small spores that develop on the window ledges and corners in the shower. Don freak out, just clean it and move on.)