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3 MB Weekender

The genius of world renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and ubiquitous German sporting goods label adidas spawned love child Y 3 back in 2003. The collaboration, which features everything from athletic shoes to a recently debuted ready to wear clothing line, has proven to be successful for the curious pairing. Yamamoto decidedly avant garde aesthetic isn exactly the obvious choice for hitting the gym or running the occasional marathon. But as it turns out, the practicality of German engineering with its attention to technologically advanced fabrics and construction is the ideal window of opportunity for a designer known more for making asymmetrical jackets than track pants. The haughty weirdos of the fashion world may be turning up their pointy plastic noses, but adidas has finally made Yamamoto commercially viable. Y 3 MB Weeken oakley der bag is design practicality at its best oakley .

It can be tough to find a weekend bag that doesn sacrifice a shred of masculinity for style. Fortunately, the Y 3 MB Weekender is all man without looking like a crappy duffle bag. The minimalist design is adorned with two simple exterior pockets and just enough metal hardware to make the bag work. Extra storage pockets on either end with snap closures make it easy to stash a few extra things before hitting the road. The focus on functionality continues with a removable long strap for throwing the bag over your shoulder. The Y 3 MB Weekender is also fully lined on the interior. Instead of black Yamamoto signature color this bag comes in a slightly different but equally versatile dark gray.

Leather is the only way to go when it comes to investing in a weekend tote. You can take care of a bag all you want, bu oakley t oakley the reality is that it will take a beating over the course of its life. A few dings and bruises on canvas or nylon, and it time for an early retirement. Leather is the only material that can take the abuse and get better with age. But basic leather just doesn fit the tech driven functionality of adidas or the avant garde design principles of Yohji Yamamoto. This matte leather is specially treated to last. With design as simple and durable as this, the Y 3 MB Weekender may just become your weekday bag, too.

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3 marathon shoppers’ trek on Black Friday Finding best deals requires stamina

Just after 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Barbara Cohn and her daughter, Danielle Cohn, took a few seconds out of their marathon Black Friday shopping expedition for a congratulatory high five. Appropriately enough, they were in the athletic wear department of the Strawbridge’s store in the King of Prussia mall.

To make the save, Barbara had to move quickly through jammed aisles to reach the cash register line, oakley where she handed a coupon to Danielle, who was waiting to check out when she realized she was out of the fistful of coupons she had had when the day began. That would have meant buying the shirt at a discount of only 35 percent prompting a call across the crowded aisles for help.

“Whew,” Barbara said, shaking her head. “That was a quick save.”

The day after Thanksgiving can be full of small victories for the teeming mass of hearty, intrepid bargain hunters who flood retail stores in one of the more reliable ritua oakley ls in American business.

The Cohns Barbara, an office administrator from Bala Cynwyd, and Danielle, a public relations executive for a Philadelphia nonprofit agency like shopping, together or separately, and like finding discounts, year round.

But their creative juices really flow on Black Friday, the day retailers’ bottom lines traditionally go from red to black for the year and one of the four or five busiest shopping days of the holiday season. (In fact, the Saturday before Christmas is usually the single busiest shopping day each year.)

Yesterday, they were joined in their shopping journey by a reporter and Danielle’s mother in law, Mary Beth Kazanicka, a retired interior designer from Morgantown, who managed to shop for almost 6 1/2 hours before having her fill for the day.

The Cohns had more stamina, lasting more than nine hours. But Kazanicka was the only one who wore a backpack instead of carrying a purse. “I like having my hands free,” she said, a smart move as each member of the trio began to acquire shopping bags.

The group started at 8 in the morning at a calendar kiosk in the Plaza at King of Prussia, with everyone in a cheerful mood. “I’m psyched,” Kazanicka said.

The three then moved in a steady march through Nordstrom, Jake’s Dog House, Lord Taylor and Strawbridge’s in the mall. Then it was on to a Marshalls store on Route 202, to a deli for a quick lunch, and to the Gap and Kohl’s stores on the Main Line.

“On Sunday, we’ll probably go to Franklin Mills,” Danielle Cohn said, matter of factly. “We love Franklin Mills.”

The family does have a lot of gift giving responsibility this time of year. The Cohns are Jewish and the Kazanickas are Catholic, which means celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas.

In addition to children in the family who get gifts from everyone, the adults do a “Pollyanna,” in which they draw names to determine who gives a gift to whom. Throw in stocking stuffers and small gifts to assorted friends and coworkers, and it means buying dozens of gifts. Barbara Cohn shops without ever making a list; her daughter always has one on a three by five card.

Barbara Cohn is so devoted to gift giving that she even keeps a large walk oakley in closet in her home packed with scores of small items for birthdays, weddings, graduations or any occasion that she picks up at a deep discount throughout the year. “There are probably 150 gifts in there at any time,” her daughter said.

In the Cohn family, the vast majority of the shopping is done by a few women. However, not all women join in. Both Barbara Cohn and Kazanicka have daughters who hate to shop, they said. And Dan Kazanicka, Danielle’s husband, “hasn’t been in a store in 10 years,” his wife said.

Among the temptations that marathon Black Friday shoppers face is to spend too much time buying for themselves. For this group, that was a big problem in the shoe departments at Nordstrom and Lord Taylor. On the other hand, once Danielle found just the pair of shoes she had been hunting for, her mother volunteered: “I can get them for you for your Hanukkah present.”

“OK,” her daughter chirped. Glancing sideways, she added: “That’s one of the reasons I like to shop with my mom.”

Shopping for hours also can fray some people’s nerves. When B oakley arbara Cohn stopped in mid stride at the Strawbridge’s exit to fill out a card, entering a contest to win a new car, her daughter called over her shoulder: “Come on! Let’s go!”

To which her mother replied: “You can’t win if you don’t enter, and I’ve won lots of things.”

As the day wore on, everyone’s idiosyncracies became more apparent.

As Danielle Cohn, a dog lover, lingered at a display of BowLingual, a device that analyzes your dog’s emotional state by voice printing its barking, her mother in law shook her head. “Oh, Danielle,” Kazanicka said. “You need to get a life.”

oakley 3 management stars bag World B

3 management stars bag World Bank project

INDORE: You need not always be an IIM graduate to bag projects from top financial institutions like the World Bank. Three management students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore (JIM) are the privileged ones to have been given the task to develop three business models by the United Nations

The World Bank project ‘Jeevika’ a micro finance project has given contract letter to Amit Agarwal oakley , Rohit Kumar and Nitish Kumar to survey skills of rural population and prepare business models that can lead to revenue generation.

“We had applied for the project a month and half ago. oakley After a slew of successful interview rounds, we got the opportunity to work in six d oakley istricts of Bihar, where we will be required to travel to villages and form self help groups,” said Amit.

Training and placement officer of the institute, Abhishek Singh, said, “The project begins from May 2 and st oakley udents have to report to the World Bank’s regional office in Bihar. They are being paid a fixed amount during the contract period along with tour and dearness allowances. It is a matter of pride for us that our students have got the project.