cheap oakley 8 Compeling Reasons to Pack Yo

8 Compeling Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Move

Are you planning on living in Sweden? Many people that have moved to Sweden end up staying and never move back. Here are a lis cheap oakley t of wonderful benefits of living in Sweden. Sweden Has a Very Good Health Care System

In common with many of the other countries in Scandinavia, Sweden really takes care of its citizens. Unlike man other countries, health care is not a big issue, and is affordable for every citizen. When going to see a doctor, people pay a small co pay of a little over 10 dollars and it doesn’t cost more than this. If you have medications, once you pay a certain amount a year, the rest of your medications are free. In addition, there is free dental car cheap oakley e until someone turns 18.

If you are living in Sweden, you are most likely benefiting tremendously from its great social system. If you plan on going to study something, studying a cheap oakley t a University or at a vocational school is cost free. Students even receive a stipend while they are studying. Everyone who newly moves to Sweden also receives free Swedish classes.

Sweden also has a fairly low rate of homelessness. When people find themselves in different stages of their lives and have trouble financially, the Swedish social system does well in supporting them in various matters.

Higher Standard of Living

Sweden is more of a middle class society. People don’t usually earn six figure salaries like they do in many English speaking countries, but people don’t earn way below the poverty line either. If you are living in Sweden, 5 weeks of vacation is mandatory.

If you have a newborn and are a father, you can also take several months off to be with your child, and you have the right to do so up to a year and a half. If you want, you can even break up the year and half between your spouse.

Great Public Transport

The public transportation is very good in Sweden, with many buses, subways, and trams going to all parts of the city cheap oakley and its suburbs at all times of the day. This is in stark contrast to the United States, where having a vehicle is almost essential. The great public transport can help further cut down expenses, making moving to Sweden attractive.

Sweden is a Clean Country

Sweden has many environmental laws to protect itself. Not only are there many laws, but many people actively protect the environment because they appreciate having clean cities and green forests. Being in Swedish city is one of the cleanest places to be when compared to the other big cities in the world.

It might even be worthwhile to move to Sweden just for the beautiful summers it has. It is often light until 11 at night and Sweden is well known for its wonderful coastlines that many people spend many summer hours bathing in or riding their boats.

Interesting Culture and Family Moments

Sweden has a rich cultural heritage that spans many hundreds of years and are known for its lively Midsummer celebrations and its busy Christmas holiday seasons. During these times, people take off time from work and really come together as families. Many Europeans who come from similar backgrounds and have moved to Untited States, have often remarked that everything moves quickly in the US and the family gatherings are very quick and short lived.

Become a Citizen of the European Union and Travel Easily Through Europe

Once you become a citizen of the European Union, you can easily travel to other European Union countries with a visa that will allow you to live and work there. This flexibility opens up all of Europe to you and is another reason to move to Sweden. Work has appeared on various websites, with a focus on website development and health and wellness, and travel. View profile

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