cheap oakley 8 million vehicles in the U

8 million vehicles in the U

TOKYO Toyota Motor Corp. for various safety problems, including air bags that may fail to deploy. recall Wednesday as part of a broader recall of 6.39 million vehicles and 27 Toyota models globally.

1.3 million vehicles with faulty electrical connections that could cause the air bags to deactivate. Included are the 2009 10 Corolla, 2009 10 Matrix, 2008 10 Highlander, 2009 10 Tacoma, 2006 08 RAV4, 2006 10 Yaris and 2009 10 Pontiac Vibe. If the air bags deactivate, they could fail to deploy after a crash.

472,500 small cars cheap oakley with defective springs in the front seat rails, which could prevent the seats from locking in place. Included are the 2006 10 Yaris hatchback, 2007 10 cheap oakley Yaris sedan and the 2008 10 Scion XD.

Toyota said it is currently working on remedies for the problems. Dealers will replace the defective parts for free when replacement parts are available.

The Pontiac Vibe, which is made by General Motors Co., is included in the recall because Toyota designed and engineered it for GM when the two companies shared a factory in California. GM says 40,500 Vibes will be recalled, and says GM dealers will make repairs when Toyota sends them the parts.

The cheap oakley air bag issue is unrelated to a separate GM recall of 2.6 million vehicles for an ignition switch defect that can also deactivate the air bags. The Vibe isn’t included in that recall.

The recall is one of Toyota’s largest since 2009 and 2010, when the company issued a series of recalls totaling more than 10 million vehicles for various problems including faulty brakes, s cheap oakley ticky gas pedals and ill fitting floor mats.

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