cheap oakley 8 Studliest Man Moments From T

8 Studliest Man Moments From The Secret Circle cheap oakley Season 1 So Far

Close you eyes and imagine the perfect man. (Hello, Ryan Gosling!) Now take said man, and turn him into a manwitch. He just got a million times studlier, right?

Time to pour yourself a butter beer and put on your coziest Snuggie, because we taking a trip down memory lane! Check out the studliest manwitch moments from the first half of The Secret Circle, and watch out: No. 7 might cause audible dreamy sighs.

It with a mascara stain cheap oakley ed tear in our eye that we fondly remember Nick (Louis Hunter) cheap oakley shirtless glory. The image of this double damaged bad boy lurking in his window and spying on Cassie (Britt Robertson) getting dressed like some perv is forever burned in our eyeballs. You live on in our hearts, Nick!

2. Adam Spell Gasm

Fine, fine: Adam (Thomas Dekker) not exactly a typical dreamboat. But his spell gasm with Cassie was pure, unadulterated stud. Adam oozing emo boy hotness caused a light bulb to explode, and who knows Cassie might be preggers from all that heavy breathing and eye sexing. Good work, Bright Eyes.

3. Jake Studly Breakdown

Jake (Chris Zylka) can only be described as a super stud. He dark, stormy, troubled, and deals with his raw, passionate feelings by throwing gym bags around his room. Real men take out their emotions on a pile of workout clothes and tank tops.

4. Adam to the Rescue!

We got our first glimpse at Adam inner superman when he rescued Cassie from a burning Subaru. Who knew he had the strength to lift Cass up in his arms firefighter style? Of course, this scene was somewhat mitigated by the poetic way Adam stared at Cassie between his fluttering lashes, but we were still swooning.

5. Jake Cuts His Own Arm

Only a real stud has the will to self inflict an injury like it ain no thing! When Jake cut his arm with his witch hunter knife, his face remained stone cold studly and he barely flinched. We pretty sure this bro wouldn even notice if his arm was chopped off. But don you dare mess with his collection of deep V neck tank tops.

6. Nick Tells Melissa He Never Be Nice to Her

Nick broke out his romantic side when he lovingly told Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) not to expect anything out of their relationship what can only be described as a moment of studly genius. After all, only a teen with a traumatic past could get away with sayin cheap oakley g something so cruel and still make his leading lady cry from pure joy. Spirit world high five, Nick.

7. Nick Undresses Melissa With His Mind

Note to aspiring studs: Real men don use their hands to undress the ladies. They do it with the power of a piercing gaze. Nick might be a manwitch, but the magical powers of his stud forefathers are what helped him unbutton Melissa top.

8. Jake Pulls a Graveyard Stud

Only Jake Armstrong could get away with visiting a graveyard while acting too cool to be sad about all the dead people around him. Deal with it guys, he just appreciating the fine stone masonry on those tombs!

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