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8 Things Every Mom Should Be Carrying In Her Purse

Our bags are enormous. Our massage therapist bills are bigger. But as moms, there are certain things we need to have with us at all times, whether we going to the playground, the doctor office, or the grocery store. Here are the top 8 mom and kid friendly products that we won cheap oakley leave home without!

Baby Wipes

Big kids will whine that they not babies, but we have juice spills in the car that prove otherwise. Yeah, like you have no idea what we talking about.

Hair Bands

It always a good cheap oakley idea to carry around a few hair bands to throw kids messy tresses into a ponytail. We not sure they work on our new short bob, but they will definitely help us organize business cards, gift cards, and other random papers so we can actually see the bottom of our purse.

Pen and Paper

In the case of pen and paper vs. technology, pen a cheap oakley nd paper still has legs.

Clear Nail Polish

No, we not thinking about an impromptu manicure for moms and tots, but we thank our lucky stars we have a bottle on hand to fix loose buttons on our kids clothes and keep the little screw in our glasses from falling out when our shades get wobbly. Oh, clear polish, you so much more than a polish protector.

Cereal Bars

If your kids are like ours, they never hungry at home but seem to get frantically starving the minute w cheap oakley e out the door. And since we never, ever leave enough time for our own meals, we stock our bag with a couple of cereal bars that keep the whining to a dull roar ours, not theirs.

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