cheap oakley 8 Things to Know About 16 And

8 Things to Know About 16 And Pregnant

Are you getting pumped for Jordan Howard’s episode of 16 and Pregnant?

Judging from this lucky lady’s promo, we’re in for a pretty dramatic episode cheap oakley (heaving sobs, anyone?), so grab your favorite prosthetic belly and check out 8 things you need to know about MTV’s newest starlet!

Jordan is from the small tow cheap oakley n of Millersville, Pennsylvania, where she enjoys the life of an everyday teen! Well, an every day pregnant teen who happens to be an MTV star.

2. She Gave cheap oakley Birth to an Adorable Baby Boy

Jordan gave birth to her son, Chase, on May 31, 2011, with the help of an epidural. Her baby daddy, Tyler, was right by her side during labor, but unfortunately she had a reaction to the epidural. What a baby buzzkill!

4. Tyler’s Race Is an Issue

As you can tell from 16 and Pregnant’s promo, Jordan’s parents are less than thrilled about the fact that Tyler’s white. However, Jordan insists that her mom was misrepresented, and tweets “My mom is white and father is black. She is no prejudice. Biracial is my whole life. Accept it.” Preach, girl!

5. She’s Engaged to Her Baby Daddy

Tyler and Jordan are currently engaged, but their relationship wasn’t always a teenage dream. cheap oakley Starcasm reports that these two had an ugly custody battle, as well as a “protection from abuse hearing” soon after Baby Chase was born. Thank goodness things turned around and they’re living happily ever after!

6. She Plays Guitar!

Jordan’s busy being a mommy, but she loves to rock out just like the rest of us! Her Facebook profile lists guitar playing as one of her interests, so fingers crossed that she’ll shred up a storm during her episode. Of course, we’ll be air guitaring right there with her.

7. She Wants to Move to New York!

Tyler and Jordan are sick and tired of small town living, and they’re ready to pack up their bags and book it to New York City! “Ty and I wanna move to ‘THE BIG APPLE,'” Jordan tweeted on April 21. Hmmm, maybe Jordan and her man got a taste for the big city during their reunion special with Dr. Drew?

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