cheap oakley 8 Things To Put In Your Golf B

8 Things To Put In Your Golf Bag

I have had a long career in golf, from professional tournaments to Saturday mornings with some buddies. Rain or shine, cold or hot, I have played in just about every condition imaginable (thank you Chicago weather).

My entire life I have loved to play in golf. Living in Chicago, I have managed to play in every condition possible.

Playing as much as I do, I have accumulated a lot of golfing equipment and apparel over my lifetime. Fortunately for me, I learned early what you need in your golf bag to cover you in just about every situation.

For any serious golfer, here is cheap oakley what I consider the necessities to have for a well stocked golf bag.

There is no need to mention all cheap oakley of the obvious stuff like extra balls, tees, a divot repair tool, and something to mark your ball on the green. Rather, this guide is meant to go beyond the necessities.

For anyone who plays in all types of conditions, here are a few things extra that you need to have in your bag.

1. Regular Gloves Please, more then one. Always have more then one glove in your bag. On extra hut and humid days, you can go through 2 or 3 gloves fairly quickly. The same with a rainy day. At a minimum, carry 2 to 3 gloves in your bag.

2. Wet/Cold Gloves You have a big advantage over the rest of the field if you carry wet gloves on a wet day. These gloves go on both your hands, and actually get stickier the wetter they get.

3. A Notepad/Journal This is my secret weapon. If I have my best day with a certain swing thought in my head, I don’t want to forget it. Also, if something goes really bad, I need to make sure I record it so I can learn from my mistakes.

4. Rain Suit Bottom and Top Cold and wet is no way to enjoy a day of golf. Make sure you carry your rain suit at all times. Get a nice rain sui cheap oakley t that can also take place as a jacket for the cooler days.

5. Bug Spray Chances are there are going to be trees and water on the course you’re playing. Which unfortunately are a great habit for mosquitos. Carry a small bottle of bug spray in your, especially if you like to play lat cheap oakley e at night.

6. Spray Sun Block The spray sun tan lotion keeps your hands free of a lotion that can be very slippery.

7. Umbrella One that you can attach to the side of your bag is best. Make sure it’s strong and durable.

8. Sharpie There is nothing like ruining a great round by hitting another persons ball.

This list may seem simple but if I always had the above items in my bag, I could of saved a lot of money over my lifetime.

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