cheap oakley sunglasses 8 Tiny Things That Stopped Sui

8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides

There are stories every day about some rescuer heroically stopping a suicide attempt breaking down a door, scooping someone off a ledge or cutting a noose down with a ninja star. But sometimes there’s no strapping fireman or hero cop or friendly ninja, just one little silly thing between life and death. His mother was dead and he was convinced his stepmother hated him, probably because she stole all his dad’s money and left the two of them homeless and scrambling to stay alive.

So he decided to jump off a bridge. The police came, and hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the show and not try to help at all. Then Liu Wenxiu, a 19 year old waitress passing by, saw what was going on.

She was a quick thinker and got past the cops cheap oakley sunglasses by making up a story on the spot about how she was his girlfriend and this suicide was over her. She didn’t try to talk the boy out of it, but just listened to his story and then showed him her scarred right wrist, which got his attention. Then she told him her story about her equally shitty home life, and her own suicide attempts. “He had to cheap oakley sunglasses be saved,” she said later, “because I’ve been there before and I knew exactly how it was.”

From What’s On Xiamen

“Look at me,” she told him. “I’ve been there and I’m now here.” Then, knowing every 16 year old boy’s kryptonite, she gave him a hug and kissed him.

From What’s On Xiamen

From What’s On Xiamen

Later, they exchanged phone numbers and she promised to call him and check on how he was doing. Though they probably didn’t hook up due to their age difference, he may have realized that killing himself would have taken away his future, which very possibly might contain sex. Oh yeah, and probably he also realized how he wasn’t alone and other people knew what it was like. But also sex.

Now if your take away from this story is that you can threaten suicide in the hopes of getting a girl to kiss y cheap oakley sunglasses ou, that’s clearly one possibility. But for every Liu Wenxiu, there’s one of these impatient assholes that will actually help push you off the bridge.

Are you a gambling man?A Sarah McLachlan Song

So DMC, or Darrell McDaniels, of Run DMC, was at the top of his game in 1997, on tour in Europe, when he fell into an “Is this all there is?” funk. You people who have sold multi platinum albums or purchased Greek islands know what I’m talking about. Look it up.

As he was being driven hom cheap oakley sunglasses e from the airport, Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” started playing on the radio. Yes, the song that manipulates you into helping abused kittens and puppies.

He put away his suicide plans and just started listening to a whole lot of Sarah McLachlan. A while later, he found out he himself was adopted, and finally life made sense for him. His adoption had put him in the right place at the right time to meet Run and Jam Master Jay and form Run DMC and resurrect Aerosmith by recording “Walk This Way” with them and all that business. And the point of this remarkable destiny, DMC decided (other than helping Aerosmith), was for him to use his street cred to promote adoption and help foster kids.

As part of that mission, he asked Sarah McLachlan to record a “Cat’s In The Cradle” cover with him, telling her the whole story of how her music changed his life. Turned out she was also adopted. Hell, maybe that’s why she wants people to adopt cats and dogs.

So instead of killing himself, now DMC is helping foster kids and listening to a lot of Sarah McLachlan music.

Anyway, something to think about next time you make fun of a friend for listening to music “for pussies.”A Firing Pin

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