cheap oakley sunglasses 85 Stanton St Frnt 1 New York

85 Stanton St Frnt 1 New York

They incredible. My boyfriend called me at the last minute to tell me that dinner was at 8 instead of 10. I w cheap oakley sunglasses as upset because I was so far away from home and this is when i met his parents for the first time. At the time I had just gotten off work around Chinatown. It was 6 and I did not have enough time to go all the way home to change and all. I quickly walked around to look for something that I could purchase and change into. I went into Lolli by Reincarn cheap oakley sunglasses ation a few streets away and found a dress that would be perfect for this dinner so I tried it on but it was too big. I kind of got upset because it was vintage and they didn have another one but a very nice girl there, said she can have it tailored for me right away ready for my dinner. I was so happy to hear that. She offered me some water and said I can sit and read some magazines which I did after I went to grab some snacks. So, a little after I came back, the dress was ready for me to put on. They also have a bathroom which was very nice. So, I was all ready to go just a little after 7. I was on time to see my boyfriend and his parents and I think I made a good first impression. His mother loved my dress. She made plans for me to take here to Lolli, so went the following weekend. I so excited to go back, they have such great stuff and they have new things all the time.

had to go shopping with my girfriendl the other day . I thought BORING because they only had clothing for girls when cheap oakley sunglasses we got to the lower east side. while she was trying a few dresses on, i looked at their wonderful birds and was amazed by al th cheap oakley sunglasses e action figures in the back. they also had a television which i watched for a few minutes. i could possibly spend hours there!

I was walking in the lower east side a week or two ago and heard there was a sample sale going on at Lolli. Ofcourse I went in to check it out and am so glad I did. First greeted by such wonderful people and the cutest dog snooofie. Their birds are so cute. Other than the great people and animals there, they have the most comfortable and at the same time stylish things. Their bags are awesome, it was on sale for 65% off. Didn get a bag, but when I tried on their dresses from the Lolli line (the six way dress and the dress with leather on the top) as well as vintage dresses, I ofcourse had to get it! One dress was too big but luckily the have free tailoring. I wanted to wear it the same night so one of the girls brought me around the corner to the tailor. That came in handy. I bought 3 dresses a top and one of their obi belts. The clothing were 75% off which is my favorite part. I wore everything that i got that weekend and everyone loves it, including my mother who usually criticizes my style!

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