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9 Most Retarded Pokemon

Pokemon, developed by Satoshi Tajiri in Tokyo, Japan in the 1990’s, was an international phenomenon. Some may argue whether it was poison for children’s minds, or revolutionizing the animated and RPG world. I personally will argue for the latter.

15 years and 493 pokemon later, we all have our personal list of the pokemon that we would hold dear, and proudly wear on our Pokebelts. But thats not what this is about. If you want to read that, screw off to Best Pokemon.

Zigzagoon walks in a zigzag fashion and is good at finding things in the grass and sometimes in the ground. It’s actually not really a retarded Pokemon at all, but it afforded me to make this joke. It would be handy to have around and would earn a very proud spot on my Pokebelt.

ABILITIES: Pickup, Gluttony, Finding dime bags that fell out of your pocket

WEAKNESSES: Fighting Who cares? Let’s smoke

Number Eight: Togepi

It’s shell is said to be stuffed with happiness that it shares with kindhearted people.

ABILITIES: Serene Grace, Hustle, Rolling his tongue

WEAKNESSES: Fighting Because it’s a pointy egg

Probably the cutest Pokemon out of nearly 500, it is more than just coincidence that it is the perfect size for punting.

Is it cute because it looks like a baby and rolls it’s tongue, or do I hate it because it looks like a baby and rolls it’s tongue? For obvious reasons, Togepi deserves it’s spot on this list.

Number Seven: Snorlax

It’s stomach can digest any kind of cheap oakley sunglasses food, even if it happens to be moldy or rotten.

ABILITIES: Thick fat, Immunity

Snorlax is the Pokemon that makes everyone uncomfortable. It has a nasty tendency to eat, sleep and gain weight. It’s height is approximately 6’11” and it weighs over a whopping 1000 lbs.

Fact: Snorlax is not sleeping, he’s just so obese that he has had 8 diabetic strokes and is now pretty much a vegetable.

Number Six: Slowpoke

Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with it’s tail. It does not feel pain if it’s tail is bitten.

ABILITIES: Oblivious, Own Tempo

WEAKNESSES: Oblivious, Spelling tests, Walking and chewing gum cheap oakley sunglasses .

You can’t look at this thing without cheap oakley sunglasses knowing it’s retarded. They were institutionalized in the early 1900’s with down’s syndrome children.

I’ll give it one thing, it has a pretty bad ass mustache.

Now don’t get me wrong, having a Magikarp would be fantastic if you had the patience for it to evolve. But let’s face it, chances are that it’s evolution Gyarados, would eat you. So your best bet is to cheap oakley sunglasses steer clear of that one all together.

Number Two: Caterpie

It releases a stench from it’s red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly.


“Gotta catch ’em all!” might not apply here. “GO CATERPIE!” and then what happens? He’s going to spray his cocoon juice all over the place. Aside from a few (Seether, Pinsir, Beedrill), bug Pokemon seem utterly useless. Unless of course you’re a bee keeper or a hippie.

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