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9 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Cruise For Your Next Vacation

Cruises offer great value for your vacation dollar, thanks to the fact that almost all of your expenses (transportation, lodging, entertainment, food) are included in the total price of your cruise. You will need to include some extras, like tips, drinks, souvenirs, and on shore excursion, but it does make it simple to budget out your limited vacation money.

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Give any cruise line website a quick scan, and you’ll discover that there are cruises at every price level, f cheap oakley sunglasses rom affordable 3 day family excursion to the Bahamas to 14 da cheap oakley sunglasses y luxury cruise around Europe. No matter your vacation budget, you can find a cruise that will meet it.

Cruises used to be adult centered vacations with very limited facilities for kids. In the last decade or so, cruise lines ha cheap oakley sunglasses ve made it a point to attract more and more families.

Most boats now have play areas designated for different age groups. The younger kids have their own playroom with age appropriate toys and supervision. Teens are given their own hangouts with video games and plenty space to have fun. Best of all, most cruise lines have Kids’ Room with late hours or onboard babysitting services (for a nominal fee) so mom and dad can sneak out for a romantic dinner or two and not have to worry about Junior getting into trouble.

With the recent fatal sinking of the Costa Concordia in the Mediterranean Sea, many are wondering if cruises are really still a safe and affordable vacation option. I’m here to say that yes, it is! While the images of the Costa Concordia tipped over on its side remind us what could happen, the cruise industry is quick to remind us that cruises are one of the safest ways to travel these days.

While over 19 million people worldwide took a cruise in 2011, there were less than 10 cruise related deaths that whole year.[2013] During that same time, 401 people died on both commercial and charter planes. [2014]

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