oakley 22 Billion Godly Treasure Make

22 Billion Godly Treasure Make God’s Own Country A Tourist Spot

than 1200 golden chains, three golden crowns, numerous golden staffs, golden plates, a chain of golde oakley n coins of 1732 vintage, diamonds, including Belgium diamonds, and precious stones, including eye rubies and emeralds, were among the articles found inside vault A. One gold chain was found to weigh more than three kg.

Hundreds of kilos of coins issued by the government of erstwhile Travancore and those from the time of Napoleon and the British East India Company were among the articles that were counted and weighed.

Among the notable discoveries was an ancient gold idol of Lord Vishnu studded with precious diamonds and emeralds. Sources said its value could not be assessed due to its antiquity. There were also human figurines made of pure gold, each oakley weighing 1 kg as well as 18 foot long jewellery weighing 35 kg used to adorn the deity. Bags of coins and precious stones were also found in the chamber oakley marked A.

Ironically, if t oakley he location of the remote Trivandrum protected the treasure from invaders and marauders, the treasure should now attract the whole world to Trivandrum and the Temple and God own beautiful land!

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