oakley 22 Tips for Minimizing Trash

22 Tips for Minimizing Trash

It’s been said before that the most important of the three R’s reduce, reuse, and recycle is the first. The best way to keep garbage out of lan oakley dfills is not to make so much of it in the first place. It’s a notion that’s starting to take hold across America, where some communities and restaurants are going waste free. According to the New York Times, the community of Nantucket has a stringent recycling and trash sorting program that has caused the percentage of residents’ trash that is landfill bound to drop to 8 percent, compared with 66 percent for the rest of Massachusetts. Their mentality is similar to that of many Europeans, who generate far less waste than Americans: After all, if your trash was only picked up a few times a month, you wouldn’t want to make much of it either. Restaurants and corpo oakley rations are getting in on the act, too, by composting their food waste, and Honda has jettisoned their dumpsters at eight plants recycling has eliminated the need.

The Times’ waste free story was fortuitously timed to coincide with the first No Impact Week. You’ll recall Colin Beavan, the New Yorker who tried to live with the smallest possible impact on the planet for a year, taking his wife and daughter down the rabbit hole with him, and emerging with a book deal. Beavan found that a waste free lifestyle with a tinier footprint actually made him a happier person. He thinks it could make you happier, too. So with his non profit, the No Impact Project, Beavan has designed a one week program that encourages anyone to replicate his feat (or stunt), and decide how they feel: inconvenienced? satisfied? restricted? relaxed? Each day has a different focus, from food to transportation to energy. And t oakley his week the Inaugural No Impact Week Monday’s focus was on eliminating trash. Another blog, EcoSalon, oakley has accounced the beginning of “Trashless Tuesday” to encourage waste free living at least one day a week (The day is a companion to “Meatless Monday,” an initiative that goes back to World War I).

The point of Beavan’s take home experiment is that participants can decide which of the tasks are easy enough to maintain forever, but trash is a toughie when everything we buy comes double wrapped. Here are some tips to minimize the amount of trash you make each week.

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