oakley 25 or 26 inch and 28 or29inch

25 or 26 inch and 28 or29inch

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Greetings, Me family is visiting Houston (Texas, USA) from the Motherland (United Kingdom). They would like to purchase a couple of suitcases here in the US (ONLINE is OK). BUT, there no reason these days to get a case as heavy as the SEVENTEEN POUND Andiamo I once bought my wife!

Looking briefly at the Briggs and Riley site, clearly many of the oakley pieces are HEAVIER, as much as twice the weight as an Antler. B does make any number of pieces suitable for carry on travel, though even these are heavier than many, perhaps best suited for the business traveler. Of course, for a bag to make it through the airline luggage jungle, heavy construction is not the only answer. FLEXIBLE also works, once recent introduction being the Lipault line, which partially collapses for storage. Prior to getting my 22 inch Antler New Size Zero, I had looked at one of their bags. Lipault makes as large as a 28 inch, at under 8 lbs. bag until some time in November. A flexible bag like this one is probably more likely to survive the airlines than my wife Antler. Finally, for this site of course, as Frank II would point out, we are for the above thread, rather well OFF TOPIC!

Not sure what your dimensions mean. The max for a carry on in the US is around 22 by 14 by 9 = 45 linear inches total. Anything over that gets checked. I am personally not a fan of rolling luggage. I was one of those minimalist backpackers who guard every ounce and cubic inch jealously and the mechanism takes up valuable room and adds weight. Rolling bags, and I still own a few, always seem about to tip over. My Lady is a fan of rollers. I found this out the hard way after I gave her a convertible suitcase eBags Weekender eTech Convertible for a trip then I had to carry it myself with the strap, plus my own Weekender suitcase converted into backpack mode. Some are broader then others and thus less likely to tip. l think of them as a landscape versus portrait orientation but being wider they do not fit when you try to roll them down the narrow airplane aisle. Many of the portrait orientation ones do fit down the narrow airplane aisle but they also tend to tip over a lot in the airport, muddy streets etc. The ones with 4 wheels, the spinners, don’t seem to tip very much and roll down narrow airplane aisle far easer than the others. If I buy my Lady a new bag it will be a spinner for that reason. Just general points to consider.

Thank you Alan B. for pointing out something I wanted to say but hoped one of our illustrious readers would say instead. This is a site for light travelers. However, I realize that there are many out there who see a carry on size bag, something most of us would take as our only luggage, as a bag just big enough for their toiletries and cosmetics. Or even worse shoes. (Yes, I have traveled with such people.)My only advice is regardless of which bag they get, remember to keep it under their airline weight limit fo oakley r checked bags or they will be paying a hefty overweight charge. Regarding spinners, they are wonderful to go from car to terminal. However, take them out on city streets, especially older cobblestone streets, and they are terrible.

I confess that I am curious, if you are coming over here to buy luggage, how will you convey your belongings into the US? Also although many of us do travel with a 2nd small bag for local use that fits inside of our regular bags or is carried as a small personal items as defined by the several airlines, I cannot contemplate traveling with a suitcase full of suitcases like a Russian nesting doll and suspect that the security and customs folks will be interested as well. There was recent post here about how to get US bags shipped across the pond and there are services that transship the items. The store ships to that company and they in turn ship it to you across the pond. You might want to locate that post, buy on line and use that service.

I second Frank II comments about spinners. I can tell you how many people I seen struggling to pull a spinner across just regular concrete or airport carpet. But then I think to myself, how often does one actually travel on marble floors?

Back in my days of using wheeled luggage, I had an 18″ samsonite spinner. It worked well enough on concrete using the two wheel method. Of course, it fit like a dream in the overhead compartments. But the main issue I had was that it was eight pounds empty. If it hadn have been so heavy, I probably would used it longer than I did. However, on the bright side, it did become an accidental scratching post for my cat. Other than the scratched sections, it still in decent shape. If the OP family gets a spinner, they should check the weight in comparison to other similarly sized bags. I have the suspicion that spinner wheels add more weight. So instead of 9 x 14 x 22, the bag becomes something like 9 x 16 x 20. This may add about 5% in usable interior volume, BUT, the extra two inches width may prove problematic in narrower airliner aisles, such as those of a CRJ or a Q400. Finally note that many if not most 25 to 26 inch cases include an expansion gusset, creating additional volume that approximates that of an unexpanded 28 to 29 inch case. Either scenario can readily be loaded to the 23 kg or 50 lb. limit, so going any larger these days makes not too much sense. Anyone who must check luggage really should consider bringing something like the Balanzza mini digital scale, to avoid costly overweight charges, or having to scramble to repack at a check in station, as I saw one couple do in Paris on our return.

I have many pieces/sets of luggage. They great for airline, car, or rail travel. They are sturdy, with many clever features. My one and only gripe is the 21 inch Wheeled Duffel is heavy for its size. But it is the piece I use the most. The 25 inch comes in at about 38 pounds when I have it fully packed, but I never pack more than one pair of shoes on a trip.

I also think a spinner wheel type is good if you look at ebags, and have a US Credit Card, you can order it so it will arrive when they do!Make it light weight if possible and also make it soft sided, since hard plastic will crack and break (my thoughts, others argue for hard plastic). Either way though, under 7lb would be ideal. Plus, we have tons of good tips in general here and knowledge, please don try to narrow down the audience, we might loose some good oakley sharing of information by doing that.

Sorry, Megan, but we are a niche site geared for “light” travelers who wish to carry on. While I understand there are times that some people must check bags, we are not going to become a generic travel site for all types of travelers. Then, instead of standing out from the crowd, we become part of the crowd. The main purpose of this website and forum is first and foremost a place where people who wish to travel light, meaning carry on size bags, and in most cases without wheels, have a place to discuss that topic, ask questions of their fellow travelers, and share a tip or two. . With the introduction of very lightweight wheeled bags, I don have a problem including them as long as they are carry on in size. Discussions about how to travel with full size bags can be found all over the internet. But there are few places to discuss “one bagging.”So while it says “One Bag, One World,” it also says: “News, Reviews and Community for LIGHT travelers.” A 29″ suitcase does not constitute light travel.

“With the introduction of very lightweight wheeled bags, I don have a problem including them as long as they oakley are carry on in size. “Thank you for that clarification. In fact, that has been a major development. The Travelpro 22 inch we acquired six or seven years ago weighs TWELVE pounds, while the Antler New Size Zero I took to Paris recently weighs FIVE pounds, just two pounds more than the non wheeled Osprey Porter 46 I have as an alternative. Beyond that, clearly this site is meant to be a (baggage) CAROUSEL FREE ZONE!

If your family is mostly going to be shopping for clothes, I would recommend a soft sided suitcase as a second bag to maximize the weight to volume ratio.

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