oakley 25 Things We Forget To Clean

25 Things We Forget To Clean

Spring cleaning is a great way to give your home a much needed detox, but sometimes, surfaces are ignored all year round.

The survey found 63 per cent of women did most of the cleaning, a oakley long with a majority of the laundry, dishes and plant tending. But since we’re big fans of the idea that all housework should be shared equally, it may be a good idea for you and your partner to come up with a spring cleaning checklist together.

Divide your home into sections and divide the tasks to figure out which rooms and surfaces need a full sweep, and which items are ready to be donated or thrown out.

And while cleaning may seem like hard work, your body will thank you for it. Studies have shown things we use the most, like purses and door handles, are often the dirtiest and make us sick, according to ABC News.

Ready? Grab a broom and don’t forget these 25 spots:

Inside And Under The Fridge Clean every corner and compartment in the fridge and defrost the freezer.

Deep Clean That Oven Grab your rubber gloves and sponge and clean inside the oven. This applies to your microwave as well.

Do A FlipFlip your mattress and go over it with a vacuum.

Wash Pillows It’s not just about cleaning your cases and bed sheets. Give your comforters and pillows a good wash as well.

Clean Your Screens Take out your window screens and give them a good rinse.

Don’t Forget The DrapesThrow them in the laundry or use some wipes for your blinds.

The Ceiling You may not look up every day, but just think about all that dust collecting above your head and getting spread as soon as you turn that fan on.

Your Closet It’s not just about organizing your clothes. Clean the top of your closet, under (if you can) and get rid of old hangers and garment bags that have no use anymore.

Flip Your Cushions Give your couch cushions a good shake and flip them around.

Kids’ PlayroomDon’t just put away the toys a lot of germs and dust can collect in drawers, on tables and under carpets.

Patio Furniture A lot of people don’t mind cleaning their patio furniture, but they do forget to clean under the umbrel oakley la.

Wash The PatioGrab a hose and broom and give your patio a full wash.

Garage The garage often becomes a dumping ground for bikes, boxes and random objects in your home. Don’t forget to clean those shelves, walls and drawers.

Speaking Of Garages Don’t forget the floor either especially if you park your car on it every day.

Dead Trees With the weather (slowly) turning around, you may also have a lot of dead plants or trees in your backyard or front yard. Spend a day clearing out your garden to make room for fresh new flowers.

Donate What You Don’t Need Instead of just keeping everything in boxes for the “right time” to donate, take it to a local shelter the very same day. Also, this is a good time to figure which items you’ve been holding onto for way too long.

Back Of The Closet The back of your closet can also be a breeding ground for pests or mould, so don’t forget to give it a good wipe down.

Underneath Appliances It’s not just about what you can see, but most germs live under the surfaces that aren’t obviously visible.

Your PhoneYour phone is absolutely disgusting and not just your smartphone. Don’t forget to give all your phones a good wipe, along with your headphones.

Shower Curtain oakley s They don’t have to be changed frequently, but do take some time to clean your shower curtains.

Outdoor Lights These things go through it all winter, summer, spring and fall. Take down your fixtures and use a glass cleaner to clean the panels. It may also be a good tim oakley e to replace your light bulbs.

Your Cards Your bus passes, credit cards, debit cards, these are the cards we use almost every day . and sometimes end up in your mouth or the bottom of a dirty bag. Give them a wipe.

Trash Cans Yes, the garbage bin is made for garbage, but this doesn’t mean it should be neglected either. If you have a composting bin, just keep in mind of all the old food and leaky garbage bags you’ve thrown in there.

Purses And BagsThey may look pretty on the outside, but our everyday handbags also carry a lot of germs and filth inside. Wipe them down with a damp cloth.

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