oakley 29m cars over faultsTOKYO

29m cars over faults

TOKYO (AP) Toyota is recalling over one million cars around the world for faulty air bags and defective windshield wipers.

The move comes just days after Toyota regained its spot as the world No. rival General Motors Co., with global vehicle sales that climbed to a record 9.748 million vehicles. The company is now recalling 907,000 cars, mostly Corollas, due to air bags that can improperly inflate when the vehicle electronic signals damage a chip in the part that controls the air bags. It also is recalling 385,000 Lexus IS luxury cars with wipers that can get stuck if there is heavy snowfall.

Initially, the Japanese automaker had s oakley aid there were no accidents related to either problem, but Toyota Motor Corp. related to the air bag problem. Toyota had not been able to confirm them and Fuse said it is unclear whether anyone was injured in the two crashes. of abrasion type injuries from the air bag problem, he said. In total, the automaker has received 46 reports of problems involving the air bags from North America, and one from Japan, and 25 reports of problems related to the windshield wipers. The part will be oakley corrected to be able to block damaging oakley signals, said Fuse. Executives have repeatedly promised to beef up quality controls and be quicker with recalls to repair Toyota image. Toyota has announced some recalls in recent months, but they have been relatively minor, such as floor mats, and generally affect veh oakley icles manufactured before its latest efforts to regain sterling quality.

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