oakley 3 management stars bag World B

3 management stars bag World Bank project

INDORE: You need not always be an IIM graduate to bag projects from top financial institutions like the World Bank. Three management students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore (JIM) are the privileged ones to have been given the task to develop three business models by the United Nations

The World Bank project ‘Jeevika’ a micro finance project has given contract letter to Amit Agarwal oakley , Rohit Kumar and Nitish Kumar to survey skills of rural population and prepare business models that can lead to revenue generation.

“We had applied for the project a month and half ago. oakley After a slew of successful interview rounds, we got the opportunity to work in six d oakley istricts of Bihar, where we will be required to travel to villages and form self help groups,” said Amit.

Training and placement officer of the institute, Abhishek Singh, said, “The project begins from May 2 and st oakley udents have to report to the World Bank’s regional office in Bihar. They are being paid a fixed amount during the contract period along with tour and dearness allowances. It is a matter of pride for us that our students have got the project.

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