oakley outlet 90I and Zalman CNPS9300 AT

90I and Zalman CNPS9300 AT

At first our today review was supposed to be a comparison of cooling solutions from the mainstream oakley outlet price range. However, once we completed the tests of our major participants and finished working on their design and functionality description, it turned out that they do not actually fall within the boundaries of the mainstream price range. The prices of the Noctua NH U9B, Th oakley outlet ermalright Ultima 90I and Zalman CNPS9300 AT coolers t oakley outlet hat we are going to talk about today exceed $45. This observation not only chan oakley outlet ged our choice of the opponent for results comparison, but also affected the preliminary conclusions we have already made for ourselves. Nevertheless, we believe this article will be of particular interest not only to extreme overclocking fans, but also to those users who are currently looking for a new CPU cooler.

Let meet our testing participants in person.

Noctua NH U9BPackage and AccessoriesUpdated version of the Noctua NH U9 cooler that we have already tested before arrived in a relatively small box designed in Noctua traditional color scheme. The package contains a lot of information on all aspects of this cooling system, including its technical specifications and key features:

There is a small cut out window in the front of the box, where you can see part of the cooler fan and heatsink. The accessories are packed into a smaller section of the box. Among them you can find the following items:

The retention kit for each socket type is sealed in an individual plastic bag with a corresponding sticker. Besides, Noctua NH U9B comes with the following accessories:

Two adapters with resistors;Four silicon vibration absorbing strips for the fans;L shaped wrench for cooler fastening;A syringe with Noctua NT H1 thermal compound;Four wire clips for attaching the fans to the heatsink;A set of screws with springs;Assembly and installation manual.

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