oakley outlet 90m paypacket is a curseIt

90m paypacket is a curse

It’s all very well becoming the most expensive footballer of all time. But now what?

At the tender age of 24, Gareth Bale, son of Cardiff and alumni of Southampton and Tottenham, now finds himself one of the most famous, adored and loathed men in the world.

Perhaps he will buck the usual trend of highly priced footballers promptly suffering injury, addiction, or general ineptitude within days of signing the paperwork.

And perhaps Bale has got big plans for the 90m he will personally make in the next six years and which, even with above the table ta oakley outlet x arrangements, will still be big enough to be mind boggling.

That’s 300,000 a week, 42, oakley outlet 857 a day, 1,786 an hour, 29.76 every single minute, even when you’re asleep or at Nando’s or watching X Factor or wondering what to do now that your career has peaked at the age of 24.

Once you’ve bought a few houses, some Ferraris, and stocked the place with Kru oakley outlet g at 2,000 a bottle, you’d find you still had tens of millions left and no clear idea what to do with it.

There you’d be, trapped in your gated mansion with hordes of fans and haters and paps at the end of the drive, genuinely wondering whether it mightn’t be an idea to get rid of the blasted money.

If classical is more Gareth’s thing he could help out Katherine Jenkins, who’s taken a pay cut for her new record deal. He can now afford to pay for 18 record deals for her, or perhaps he’d prefer to hire a Welsh male voice choir. At 500 a time, he can have 180,000 of them.

How about a crown? Gareth’s daughter Alba is almost a year old, and should he want her to marry the new Prince George he will need to spend 30,000 a year on sending her to Marlborough School, and as much again on hair, skinny jeans, ski lessons, polo matches, and getting her into the same university as the prince. Still, the Middletons managed it and it probably came in at less than 2m. Gareth can afford to do the same for 18 daughters and wind up father in law to a future king.

I oakley outlet f he wants to just be ridiculous and answer an age old question, Gareth could build an Olympic sized swimming pool (500,000 for an indoor one) and fill it with Skittles. I reckon it takes about four bags of Skittles to fill a bottle of wine, and at 2.5m litres in the pool it would take about 13m bags of Skittles. And obviously whole years of your life you’ll never get back.

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