oakley outlet 911 Beauty Tips for Women Who

911 Beauty Tips for Women Who Travel Abroad

In the heat of the summer, I have landed in Israel to work on a video shoot for my Web Series, Ellie Confidential. Amidst the jostle of the (open markets) on a given Friday afternoon, the roadside video interviews that I am sweating through in my unpracticed Heb oakley outlet rew and the delicious and exotic food that I am enjoying perhaps a little too much, I am ever increasingly aware of all the beautiful women that surround me wherever I go in this country. I quickly realized that to cut it here, I not only had to make do with the wardrobe that I brought, but I had to rely on my beauty 911 tricks of the trade to battle my age, hair color, the heat and other such beauty barriers as I travel in this foreign country.

Here are a few of my favorite beauty 911 remedies and they are working wonders. If you oakley outlet have any others, (and I know every woman has at least one secret beauty tip to share with her fellow females), please share them with me I can use any assistance possible!

The Fashion Crisis: In the intense heat (upwards of 100 degrees), it is impossible (both fashion wise and temperature wise) to wear closed toe sensible shoes for walking on the old cobbled streets as well as the sandy, dusty side roads that abound in a country that is ancient and half dessert. And yet, walking constantly is what it required, regardless of the status of your toe nail polish or your aching calves.

The night before I left for the Middle East, I watched a reality show on Cruise Ships as I packed my bags. The head ho oakley outlet stess of the ship reported that the best fashion invention she has ever benefited from were toe less nylon with mild support. They are made with a material that breathes to reduce sweat, they are so thin that it does not look like you are wearing anything on your legs, they support you. But the best part is that you can wear open toe shoes because the nylons are cut to accom oakley outlet modate open toed shoes, but protect you from blisters on your ankles and heels. Need I say more?

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