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911 for Puffy Eyes

When it comes to dark circles under our eyes, many of us simply mask the problem with a dab or two of concealer. But under eye puffiness can be a lot more difficult to cover up.

There are ways to tackle this common complaint, though, and considering possible oakley outlet causes of your puffiness will help you try the right tricks and treatments:

Puffy eyes can be caused by poor lymph flow, in which case the solution is to get lymph moving better. Deep breathing, massage, and exercise will help do just that 10 deep breaths and 10 jumping jacks can do more for puffy eyes than any eye cream and can give you results in 10 minutes.

If you tend to sleep lying flat or on your stomach, your puffiness may be caused by fluid build up. Try elevating your head while you snoozing.

Do you grab for the saltshaker at every meal? That could be the cause of your swelling. Try to curb salt intake and remember, that doesn just mean the white crystalline stuff. The soy sauce you dunk your sushi in, for example, is full of sodium.

Drinking plenty of water is another important way to flush out your system and treat the water retention that can lead to puffy eyes.

Puffiness is oakley outlet often accompanied by red eyes, and both conditions can be improved with anti i oakley outlet nflammatory ingredients like cucumber and chamomile. I like to put a wet tea bag that contains chamomile or caffeine (chilled, if I have the time!) on my eyes for about four minutes in the morning to help d oakley outlet ecrease redness and puffiness.

When puffy eyes are simply the result of aging, they may require professional treatments. Fat herniation can be treated with surgery, so if none of the tips above seem to minimize your puffiness, talk to your doctor. This happened to a friend of mine the day of her wedding. Yikes! She would have preferred the puffy eyes!

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