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96 Grand Cherokee

A busy woman with an even busier lifestyle, the only thing Ms. Smith wasn’t sure about was haggling over the price for the vehicle oakley outlet she wanted. So on the recommendation of a colleague who spoke highly of her own experience with Hampton Chevrolet/Geo/Jeep/Eagle, she visited the lot to check out her prospects.

Ms. Smith, who grew up in Williamsburg and now resides in Newport News, was attracted to the Jeep Grand Chero oakley outlet kee for several reasons. Besides her lifelong affection for the line’s enthusiastic styling and performance levels, her active lifestyle required lots of elbow room and c oakley outlet argo space. “I like to travel a lot and needed space in a car”, notes the Hampton teacher. “And I have always loved Jeeps.”

A single mother and new homeowner, she also wanted a vehicle with the latest in safety features. When she originally set her sights on the Grand Cherokee last year, it was only available with a driver’s side air bag. When she learned the ’96 model year would include dual restraints as part of the standard equipment package, she decided to postpone her purchase a while longer.

At the dealership she was greeted by Paul Smith (no relation), a Chrysler certified sales professional. “Jeep has a good heritage behind it and the styling is second to none,” said Smith. “Safety and uti oakley outlet lity were her biggest concerns. Being a mom and a homeowner, she has the safety of her family to think of while she also needs to carry cargo at times.”

“Keyless entry is wonderful because you don’t have to be up close to the car and its much easier when you’re arms are full of groceries or kids,” laughs Ms. Smith.

Available in both two wheel and four wheel drive configurations, Jeep’s top selling model has garnered praise for its well working combination of passenger comfort and everyday utility. Options include heated seats and integrated child safety seats, as well as preset driver memory controls for the seat, mirror, radio settings and steering wheel controls.

“As a woman buying a car, everyone at the dealership made me feel very comfortable,” affirmed Ms. Smith, who has had her share of bad car buying experiences in the past. “They took the time to find a way for the deal to work.”

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