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967 Using Plastic Bags at Resuscitation Improves Thermoregulation in Babies Born in Romaniaquest

We postulated that delivering babies into plastic bags, would improve their temperature control and potentially other outcomes in the immediate post delivery period.

Methods: We collected data prospectively in Salaj hospital in Romania between November 2009 and January 2010. Temperature on admission to the neonatal unit, duration of hospital stay and type of feeding at discharge were recorded. The frequency of other complications including hypoglycaemia, seizures and respiratory distress were noted.

Results: Over this pe oakley outlet riod there were 423 births, 144 babies were born by LSCS with paediatricians in attendance, these babies were electively placed in to a polythene bag and not initially dried. The median temperature of these study babies on oakley outl oakley outlet et admission was 36 compared to 35.8 for babies born during the same time period in 2007. The gestational ages and weight of babies were very similar. The duration of hospital stay remained same as in 2007, median 5 days. The breast feeding percent remained very high at 89 (97 in 2007).

Conclusion: The use of polythene bags in oakley outlet the routine resuscitation of babies born during the winter months has improved thermoregulation. We confirm that an inexpensive intervention improves neonatal care.

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