oakley outlet 97′ ranger air bag lightMy

97′ ranger air bag light

My 97 ford ranger doesn’t have a air bag “off” switch, so when I want to take my 4 month old with me I pulled the fuse under the hood. The light stayed on and blinked but I thought when I put the fuse back it would be back to normal. Not So! Th oakley outlet e light blinks 5 times then 2 times and does 4 cycles of this then just stays on. It does the when the key is turned on. I’ve worked on vehicles before and think that I just should take it to the garage so they can put it on the OBD machine. But any suggestions?

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I have a 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6 liter V 8 and automatic oakley outlet transmission. The air bag dash light is flashing an error code of 12, one flash, pause, followed by two flashes, long pause and repeats, repeats, repeats.

The code is apparently indicating that the battery voltage droped below 9.

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We have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When we are driving the air bag light com oakley outlet es on and off several times. Anyone know why?

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Ok I’ve actually got a few problems I can’t seem to find any info on, the first is my car is overheating, but the fan won’t kick on, the fan works because it works when the AC is on. I’m pretty sure it’s the coolant temperature switch, but I do not know where it is on my engine, I can find the.

Air bag error code on 91 sable and creeking noise in 94 escort [ 3 Answers ]I have tired to search the internet for this answer, I have a 1991 Mercury Sable that is now flashing an air bag code. I think it’s a code “44” meaning, it flashes four times, then a short pause then 4 more times.

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