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99 Disco rear suspension air bag replacement HOW TO

Each air spring is located at its base on a fabricated platform on the rear axle. The top of the spring loc oakley outlet ates in a fabricated bracket attached to the outside of each chassis longitudinal.

The plastic base piston is recess oakley outlet ed with a boss with two lugs moulded in the centre for attachment to the axle. The piston is secured oakley outlet by locating the lugs in a slotted hole in the axle platform and rotating the spring through 90, locating the lugs in the slot. The plastic top plate has two grooved pins which locate through holes in the chassis bracket. Two spring clips locate on the grooved pins and oakley outlet retain the top of the spring in position.

The air bag is made from a fibre reinforced flexible rubber material which allows the spring to expand with air pressure and deform under load. The top plate comprises the two bonded grooved pins and a female Voss connector in the centre. The Voss connector allows for the attachment of the air supply pipe from the air supply unit. The piston is also made from plastic and is shaped to optimise the springs characteristics.

As far as I know, you have to replace the entire Air Spring. If you find out more, please let me know. I’ve yet to hear from a Disco owner who’s rebuilt an air spring.

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