oakley outlet 99 Reuses for Plastic Bags

99 Reuses for Plastic Bags

Even for the most die hard reusable bag carrier, plastic bags have a way of sneaking into your house loaves of bread, hidden in cereal boxes, on those days you forget your tote at the supermarket, from the clothing stores at the mall. And once you let one in, they multiply like crazy; they’re nearly impossible to contain. But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? The reuse potential of plastic bags i oakley outlet s practically endless, but we’ve chosen 99 of our favorite w oakley outlet ays to give old bags a new life, from using them as parachutes for your nephew’s GI Joe (number 55) to crocheting them into a rug (number 80). If you can, choose a purpose that stops doesn’t just slow bags’ progress toward the trash; if you can’t, well, two uses oakley outlet are better than one.

Can you think of anything we missed? Let us know in the oakley outlet comments. For now, we’ll start off with five uses so obvious they almost didn?t make the list:

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