oakley outlet 9NEWS presents gadgetYule

9NEWS presents gadget

Yule A Hoop helps you decorate your Christmas tree like a professional in minutes. A small round ring with gripping slots slips over the top branch of the tree. It makes using ribbon and beads fast an oakley outlet d easy. You can string popcorn and cranberries too.

It also serves as a platform for the tree topper. It keeps it secure and straight. A local inventor came up with this product.

iSafe Waist Pack is the first and only waist pack with a hidden, built in mobile personal security system. It weighs 1lb, and is a one size fits all. If anyone tries to grab your stuff, he iSafe Waist Pack sounds a shrill alarm. It comes in two color combinations. Designers say the oakley outlet se items make you look skinny and sleek. Susie Wargin showed off a sporty tank and cardigan. Oprah is featuring the line in her magazine “O” in January. Prices range from $45 to $98 with tops and pants. For $45 you can get a long sleeved shirt and visor. You can have it gift wrapped for an extra $5. The unique design straddles the leash and consists of two pouc oakley outlet hes, each with an outer pocket that allow for better organization. Rear pocket has a reflective safety strip. Place the plastic bags you need, your cell phone, wallet, small digital camera. This dome has only two components. The first is a joint that is the same as every other joint.

You can build a dome or a sphere and the joints are interchangeable at any connection in the assembly. The second is a straight section of 2 inch ABS plastic pipe. It comes in 10 foot sections at Home Depot or Lowes stores.

Power Slice Charger helps organize your gaggle of gadgets and consolidate all your charging needs. It can charge up to four gadgets on one plus with the built in USB port and various other attachments that can be changed in and out, including iPHones, Mini USB’s, and more. It is designed for the wrinkle prone areas around the eyes with the use of patches attached to “activator pods.” It requires 40 minute treatments twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week. If you leave your mobile phone charger at home, or your digital camera dies, this is a convenient reserve power supply. The main charger will work in over 150 countries. Add an espresso pod or ground coffee. Fill the reserve with hot water, pump it up and drink away. These “cupcakes” fill your tub with moisturizing, fizzy aroma and abundant bubbles. The frosting is the bubble bath and the cupcake bottom is a bath bomb.

Monkey Toes Shoes are designed for kids ages 1 3 and to look like their beloved bugs and animals. These tennis shoes have elastic no tie laces and adorable keepsake boxes. Packed with the shoes are trading cards with all of the characters.

Posh blankets are handmade in Iowa by moms and grandmas. 6 different sizes. Monograms can be added. They can customize fabric combinations there are endless possibilities.

Women’s Bean Project

This nonprofit earns about 75 percent of its funding by selling products that women in the program make. They help women break the cycle of poverty. The soup we featured this morning was created by Giada De Laurentiis selected after a call was put out to professional chefs across the country. For each plate sold, $20 goes to support the patients and families at Craig. For more information, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicle office.

Handle Wraps

Do the handles on your truck or car show signs oakley outlet of wear and tear? Are they dirty? Handle Wraps are made of cushioning material and easily attach to your vehicle’s handles. They’re washable and adjustable and come in 8 different colors.

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