oakley outlet A Conversation for Storing Pla

A Conversation for Storing Plastic oakley outlet Bags

In the Republic of Ireland, we have virtually eliminated plastic bags, by the government introducing a 15 cent tax on every plastic bag used. Irish people do not like paying taxes, so we stopped using the things, virtually overnight. We use recyclable paper bags, reusable indestructable “green bags”, which look like cloth but are actually some sort of plastic, and cardboard boxes. You should t oakley outlet ry and introduce a similar scheme in your country, wherever you are, before the world is buried in plastic.

In belgium one of the main supermarket chains has introduced plastic boxes (like paper ones but more durable). They can be ‘purchased’ with bonuspoints you can collect when shopping. Very handy. They even adapted the shopping carts to fit them in. This pretty much eliminates the need for any bags while shopping. Australia goes t oakley outlet o the other extreme though (at lea oakley outlet st they did a few years back when I was there). There the staff of supermarkets will pack everything for you and in the process try to use as many bags as possible (I’ve had bags with only three or four items in it.). Not sure why, but they seem to like it Rod

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