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5 million to mother in Lukus Glenn case

PORTLAND, Ore. The mother of a Tigard teenager shot and killed by deputies won her lawsuit against the Washington County Sheriff Office and the two deputies who opened fire.

A jury in federal court awarded Hope Glenn $2.5 million in the wrongful death suit of her son Lukus Glenn.

He was hit with six beanbag rounds as Washington County Sheriff deputies fired their service weapons, hitting him eight times, when they said he refused to surrender.

The deputies fired the beanbags and the live rounds in a span of just eight seconds. Hope Glenn has always contended the deputies acted too quickly in shooting and killing her son.

“I’m hoping that nobody else has to go through what we went through and other kids won’t be shot,” she said after the jury’s decision.

On Thursday in a federal courtroom, a jury said they agreed that the sheriff office should be held accountable.

The jury said that the two deputies and former sheriff Rob Gordon were responsible for the wrongful death.

Sgt. Bob Ray, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said they the department has not yet decided if they will appeal the decision.

“This has been a very difficult ordeal for the family of Lukus Glenn and for our deputies and their families,” he said in a statement.

The deputies were previously cleared of any criminal charges.

When asked whether there was any intention of changing policy or training within the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Pat Garrett said, “You know that is an ongoing process that we take very seriously with an administrative review, with an annual training that we provide every year. So that’s not something that would be new for us. That is an ongoing part of the evolution of our organization.”

It’s not clear if Washington County will appeal the decision.

The decision by the seven member jury comes after a long legal journey for Hope. It included a judgment against her by a federal judge, which was later overturned by an appeals court.

Carrie Carpenter was among the jurors in Thursday’s decision.

“I really feel like we came to the best decision, the right decision. It’s very upsetting. It’s a hard thing to do,” she said. “I just hope they (the police) learn something from it. I think all of us as jurors believe that, we hope, we all said that, we hope that everybody learns something from this, not just the police.”

The decision is historic not only for the rarit oakley sale y of a jury ruling against a law enforcement agency but also for the $2.5 million it decided to award Hope in this wrongful death suit.

Outside the courthouse, Hope and Brad Glenn hugged their supporters, including a couple of Lukus’ friends who were there the night of the shooting and witnessed it. I know that there are some bad cops out there,but then again there are bad people out there in every profession. I di believe that if the cops had done nothing and the 18 year old had hurt or killed himself or others,people would stikk blame it all on the cops!

Fist 8 seconds is an ETERINITY. In that time lots shots were fired. less lethal from one shotgun, less lethal from another, rounds from one live firing gun and from another.

In 8 seconds a person can run up to 70 yards. A cut in a vial area in that time could bleed a person out. Injury from an attack can go from lethal to fatal.

While all this is happening, this boys parent TMs, law enforcement and he we all yelling. He was threatening everyone with the knife. He was claiming he was going to kill someone. When the officers thought it was s oakley sale afe, they shot him with beanbag rounds. Then he appeared to move toward his mother and two other officers shot him.

That TMs the easy short version. If you heard the 911 call, or the radio traffic it was far more chaotic then that. The parents TM told the calltaker they feared for their lives. That the boy was running around the home with a weapon destroying things (like the glass in their car and the home TMs front door). They sounded like people who felt they were being attacked.

But none of this matters apparently to law enforcement haters. A kid is dead and even if he had a bazooka, they would blame them for killing him first. Of course had he stabbed someone and THEY died, law enforcement would have been blamed for that instead. There is no winning with haters.

Finally I have to say this the only reason why these people won any money was because the calltaker made a mistake. That mistake was telling the mother on the phone the bullets were less lethal (she could only overhear one radi oakley sale o and did not hear the other inform dispatch they had fire live rounds). So this woman wins money on a technicality.

So when law enforcement comes to your area and no one tells you anything, you can thank this lady the silence is a result from this suit.

I hope this family enjoys the taxpayer funded insurance money. Because it won TMt replace their son, didn TMt help anyone do anything, and only lines their pockets.

Caspertoo, the police could of just used the oakley sale beanbags, but decided to act in haste. It sounds like to me that some people need to get educated in “what the effects alcohol does to the mind when you have too much”. I’ve witness the nicest people when they are sober but when they have too much, they are totally a different person. I don’t want to hear, well it is Luke’s doing because he drank, he was a teen. This could of been the first time he drank, I don’t know, but I feel in my heart that if he didn’t have that alcohol in his system this wouldn’t have happened.

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