oakley sale 5 People Who Turned Awful Disa

5 People Who Turned Awful Disabilities Into Superpowers

We’ve mentioned Bader and Maresyev before; Bader for his uncanny ability to flirt his way out of multiple Nazi prison camps and Maresyev for his awesome inability to die. But here’s the thing: neither of them had legs.That’s right. Both were decorated WWII pilots who racked up impressive records after crash landing their legs right the hell off. It’s not just a bizarre coincidence.Maresyev could probably have frowned an enemy pilot to death.The explanation lies with Hodgkinson, our third Ace of WWII, who lost his legs while practicing an aerial exercise blindfolded. Or more specifically, the answer lies with the follow up question that story is likely to elicit: WHY WOULD THEY ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO FLY A MILLION DOLLAR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT WHILE FREAKING BLINDFOLDED?Unlike the Cracked Summer Intern Post It Eating Contest, pilots didn’t fly “blind” because their superiors needed something hilarious to gamble on. Being able to fly without actually seeing anything was a part of a fighter pilots job thanks to a little something called G force. As pilots and roller coaster enthusiasts will tell you, G force is fine in moderation. But ramp up the G’s and that delightful tingle you get in your man pouch at the top of the first hill of a roller coaster can drain all the blood from your head, leaving you temporarily blind or, less temporarily, dead.The fighter planes of the Second World War were capable of all kinds of airborne acrobatics that found pilots’ bodies moving in the opposite direction of their blood. Dogfights were a constant balance between out maneuvering the guy trying to turn you into confetti, and trying not to steer the sight out of your eyes. One hairpin turn and you’d find yourself with all the blood your brain needs for seeing down in your feet. Or at least, that was a problem for people who had legs for their blood to drain into.Bader, sitting on his awesome secret weapons: Nothing.Having no legs, the blood is thought to have had less room to drain inside of legless pilots, allowing them to pull tighter turns inside their fighters and thereby kick more ass than your average, full bodied pilot.And ass they did oakley sale kick. Throughout his legless career, Bader took out more than 22 German planes in less than two years. Maresyev completed over 86 combat missions, shot down 11 enemy aircraft (three in a single dogfight) and won the Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. While Hodgkinson had less time in the air without legs, he managed two kills during the war, the second of which saved the life of Percy “Laddie” Lucas’s life, who went on to be the hero of the Siege of Malta, one of the most strategically important battles in all of WWII.Cracked ranks it as the fourth best battle to watch while totally baked. you know. You never know when it’s going to sneak up on you or who you might fall for. One minute you’re enjoying the single life and WHAM! You’re standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most romantic locations in the world, ass over tea kettle in love! Also. you’re completely alone.You see Erika has objectum sexuality (OS) a rare disorder in which women are attracted to objects. She “married” the Eiffel Tower in 2007 and changed her name to reflect the bond oakley sale . Her other love affairs include the Golden Gate Bridge and the Berlin Wall. While we should all be so lucky to fi oakley sale nd a partner so solid, grounded and extremely well endowed. Eiffel’s affliction is both medically recognized, and the 20th century equivalent of being gay in the Old West. You’re unlikely to win many friends in high school after explaining that, no, you like reeeeally love that bridge two towns over (Erika’s first crush). Erika spent her first 30 years hiding her true feelings from the world “for the sake of self preservation,” settling for easy to hide and transport inanimate objects such as the piece of fence she keeps in her room.How It’s An Advantage:One of the first inanimate objects Erika slummed it with was a bow she named “Lance.” While holding inanimate objects close enough to smell is raises a few eyebrows in most settings, Erika found solace in the world of archery.In fact, she believes that if she hadn’t been in love with Lance, she may never have become a world class archer. Her feelings for objects didn’t stop with Lance. Another one of her obsessions is with a katana (samurai sword) which lead her to win a world title in Japanese sword fighting. Still not badass enough? Well you’re in luck because she has also fallen for an F 15 fighter jet! Her flying skills improved so greatly during the course of that relationship that she won a $250,000 scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy. Why is some high sch oakley sale ool wrestler getting all of this attention?When he was five years old, he contracted a rare blood disease that claimed all four of his limbs. As the homeless Vets rolling through New York City’s subway system will be glad to tell you, life without legs is hard enough. Losing both his legs, and half of each arm was no less challenging for Dustin, who grew up depressed and a straight “F” student.How It’s An Advantage:All of that changed in the eighth grade when he discovered wrestling. The sport allowed him to put his disability behind him, and in his first head to head match up with his opponent. well, he got his ass kicked. What did you expect?But with extensive training, lots of practice and a patient coach Dustin learned to make his disability work for him, and eventually made it all the way to the Division II state finals.

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