oakley sale 5 QUESTIONS for Alexis Baile

5 QUESTIONS for Alexis Baile

CUBS (Cool Usable Belongings Sustainable) are an award winning Boulder company that is changing the face of conventional manufacturing. CUBS sources remaindered designer materials out to locals to create chic handbags and accessories that are sold at substantially lower prices than traditional department stores. The Camera spoke with co founder and president of Diversified Imagi oakley sale ng Supply, Inc., Alexis Baile, to talk about the approach they are taking to selling designer bags.

1. How have you been affected by the recession?

Well, we started when the economy was already in the recession, so we started at a time when it can only go up. We have a price point, as most of our bags are under $100. The material we are ge oakley sale tting is so expensive and high end, so you (customers) are being green because we are keeping the material out of the landfill. It’s our labor and design time that you are paying for.

2. Since your award in 5280 Magazine (Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009), how has this affected your business?

It was a oakley sale great selling point to get into some new stores. People are looking to get our bags and don’t want to drive all over town. We got people to take a look at what we’re doing because we got the recognition.

3. How do you feel your bags are more eco friendly than your competitors?

Most importantly, we are getting the samples from the sold out fabrics out of the landfill and we are employing the labor in Boulder. We have sellers that match up say 30 different bags, sew them and bring them back. We have four main products that we are producing. We are green because we are paying local wages to people that have home studios.

4. What is your main market?

I think th oakley sale at people who love unique stylish accent pieces to an outfit and people who will see the quality of the fabric. It’s the young chic professional that loves a great accent piece to an outfit that is under $100.

5. What are your plans for the future?

We definitely realize that boutiques are our niche. We won’t be in regular department stores. We see us going into the major boutique stores in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Dallas.

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