oakley sale 5 Questions We Want Answered

5 Questions We Want Answered

The Vampire Diaries always leaves us guessing, especially now how dangerous Elena (Nina Dobrev) can be when she hasn fresh blood in a few days. We have tons of questions that we hope oakley sale will be answered in Seaso oakley sale n 4, Episode 17, the Night.

Who Will?

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has a buddy! Whom he killed. Whomp. We hoping to get more insight into Will and thus, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in Season 4, Episode 17 flashbacks. If this on the verge of death vampire was really Damon pal, couldn he have given the elder Salvatore some intel without torture, as thanks for saving his life with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) magic blood? Oh, well. We never know now.

What Bonnie (Kat Graham) been up to?

Poor Bon Bon. Her friends don seem to care that their little witch is in desperate need of a Silas/Shane deprogramming spell. We assume she been helping the ancient immortal in a professor get blood bags (because how else would a 2,000 year old who been buried underground know what a blood bag is?). Hopefully we get to see Bonnie soon, so we can assess just how far gone she is.

How does Elena feel (or not feel) about Damon?

Ouch. W oakley sale e still cringing recalling Elena dead eyed assessment of her relationship with Stefan (Paul Wesley): remember our sex, and it was good sex, I just don feel anything about it anymore. She turned off all her emotions, yet she seems willing to head off to New York with Damon. Shouldn the same lack of feelings apply to him? Does she just think he let her go a little farther off the deep end than Stefan would, or is something else going on?

Does Caroline (Candice Accola) really have dirty thoughts about Klaus?

One of the new Elena more noticeable traits? Her co oakley sale mplete bluntness. While she and Caroline were fighting in the woods, Elena told her (former?) best friend that if she turned off her emotions, too, Caroline could stop feeling guilty for the dirty thoughts she has about Klaus. Is emotionless Elena also extra perceptive, or was she just trying to get under Caroline skin?

Is Caroline going to start taking Krav Maga lessons?

Being beat up by a newbie vamp has got to sting in more ways than one. Elena chalked her new super powers up to Alaric (Matt Davis) training, which Caroline never benefited from. If Elena is going to be humanity less for a while (and have no qualms about killing her friends), it might behoove Caroline to learn to defend herself a little better.

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