oakley sale 5 QUESTIONS with Melanie Potoc

5 QUESTIONS with Melanie Potock

Melanie Potock, a certified speech language pathologist, specializes in the assessment and treatment of feeding disorders, and is the creator of My Munch Bug, an organization to help parents enjoy meal times with their children who may have eating disorders.

The children’s health expert has had more than 12 years of working with children in the Boulder community, and has also written a book, “Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids,” due for release this month.

What I truly wanted to do was provide a creative and fun way to keep the joy in mealtimes even if the child is a picky eater. Many of the lyrics in the songs refer to the strategies that I offer parents in helping children try new foods. For example oakley sale , I don’t bribe we celebrate when, and not if, a child tries something new. My book, “Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids” provides other ideas to keep mealtimes stress free and how to help you child be an adventurous eater.

2. What is the response you’ve received in the community?

I’m overwhelmed it’s been wonderful! Parents appreciate the concise format of the book, and the touchy humor because it can be stressful for parents. The CD has a variety of music not just the typical kid music. As a way to show our gratitude, we are donating a portion of sales in Colorado to Community Food Share through the Thanksgiving holiday, to coincide with the Let’s Bag Hunger Drive.

3. How do you offer general help to parents, when their children might have different dietary restrictions, and can be determinedly stubborn?

Together, we consult with allergists and gastroenterologists to learn more about dietary restrictions. A child’s GI discomfort due to food intolerances or allergies can easily create obstacles to eating. That can appear as stubbornness it can be learned behavior due to not feeling well after eating. Power struggles over eating are common. I work with parents to understand what might have created the power struggle, create strategies that make it fade away and focus on how to mainta oakley sale in a new, positive and fun experience for everyone at mealtimes.

4. How do you think your CD, book and business sales will go, as people are cutting back on thei oakley sale r spending?

“Dancing in the Kitchen” is one of those holiday gifts that everyone loves to receive. Everyo oakley sale ne loves music. It’s a bonus that it includes ideas on fostering happy mealtimes, but it’s an inexpensive gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. I can see it included in a fruit basket or with a home made plate of cookies.

5. How long does it take you to create healthy eating habits in a child in general?

For those parents who simply want to encourage children to try new foods, it only requires a few tips like the ones in my book. For children with significant medical issues, it takes one to two years of weekly therapy. We take it step by step. . First I tackle the medical issues with a medical team, strengthen the oral musculature and address then the sensory issues and finally, reduce the behavioral challenges that arise due to anxiety. It’s a complicated process, but very rewarding and exciting too.

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