oakley sale 5 questions with QB coach Glen

5 questions with QB coach Glenn Thomas

Quarterbacks John Parker Wilson (from left), Chris Redman and Matt Ryan jog onto the field for team practice at Flowery Branch on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

After the game last week, I asked head coach Mike Smith if the competition was between the No. 2 (Chris Redman) and No. 3 (John Parker Wilson) quarterbacks or if it was a battle between No. 3 (JPW) and No. 4 (Dominique Davis).

Rookie quarterback Dominique Davis, East Carolina, throws a pass during team practice.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about the quarterbacks:

Q: How did the quarterbacks perform in the exhibition seaso oakley sale n opener against the Ravens?

A: It was good to get them out there and get some live action with a live rush coming at them. Different scenarios popped up at them during the game and that’s always good. That’s how you improve. You see those different scenarios and we adjust to those.

A: He just keeps improving every day. Red has been around a long time. He knows defenses and what looks he will see. He just has to continue to improve and get the ball to where it is supposed to be. Having some carryover with the offense has helped him with Dirk [Koetter] coming in.

Q: Is this a big year for John Parker Wilson because his practice squad eligibility is up?

A: Ultimately, it’s a big year for everybody. He needs to play well like all of those guys need to play well. That was a good look for him this week (against Baltimore).

Q: How is Dominique Davis performing?

A: Dom has done really, really well. He’s a soft spoken guy. He doesn’t say a lot, he just kind of lays back and soaks in information. If you ask him a question, he’ll answer it. He’s seems to be on top of his stuff.

Q: What impressed you all about Davis and made you all rush out to sign him?

A: That’s all attributed to our scouting department. Dom kind of fell through the cracks and we were lucky enough to get him.

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