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BMW has announced a recall of 1.3 million cars worldwide, covering all 5 Series and 6 Series models built from 2003 to 2010.The company revealed that the problem was concerning a battery cable cover in the boot that may have been mounted incorrectly. According to BMW, the result of the problem will be electrical malfunctions, vehicles not starting and in the most serious cases ‘charring or fire’. Owners shouldn’t be too concerned though, as only nine cases have so far been reported.Owners of the affected cars will be contacted by letter to arrange for them to visit a repair centre to correct the problem. According to BMW, the process should take around 30 minutes.Earlier this year BMW owned MINI was forced to recall 235,000 models worldwide because of a faulty electric water pump.I don’t know how many pathetic comments I’ve read posted by people defending BMW on the basis that any negativity the brand receives is because a person cannot afford one! I find this perplexing as I don’t drive a BMW (owned a few) but one of the cars I own cost me over twice as much as the new M5. Clearly, the upper echelon is reached when one owns (but probably leases) a BMW.As for criticizing someones spelling and equating that to their personal wealth were you dropped on your head at birth? No? Well you should have been!Believe it or not, some people choose not to drive a BMW, regardless of the size of their wallet, the extent of their educa oakley sunglasses tion, or the perception of failure if they don’t drive a BMW the later which you clearly suffer from.Well said MrWhat101.I have lived and worked in my small town for nearly 50 years and I know most people in the town quite well. I can tell you most BEEEEEEEEEMA drivers around here can’t afford to bye one of these overpriced really quite ordinary cars. It’s the size of their ego that allows them to stretch to their inspirational heaven. Recalls by BMW have been to say the least, frequent in the past, but does not seem to harm the brand. I just wish they would spend as much on R as they do on image building.relation of mine had to replace wiper assembly on his 09 5series, Eu650,+ AA tow in car out of service for 2 days, another friend, 08 318SE, rear diff. ignorance is a big word [ 9 letters all in i think , you had to string TWO words together to get 14? ], for a depleted brain to contemplate? [ god, that word has ELEVEN? ]. B M W.I bought a year old BMW 120D DE Convertible last year from a BMW main DEALER It was SO unreliable that I took the car back to the garage more often than I filled it with fuel.The most annoying problem (lets dismiss the 6/7 little oakley sunglasses probs like the hood or the low tyre depths (on the “new tyres”!) when I picked it up or the electric mirrors) was that around every third time or so someone sat in the passenger seat either the airbag light came on or the car failed to start no sound at all.After around 5 new airbags I was pretty confident is was basically the same issue electrical I just came up against a brick wall with my local dealer who I bought the car oakley sunglasses from in Haverfordwest , west Wales we’ll keep installing new airbags as we have an error code and we get paid by BMW Bracknell for that but as we have no error codes for anything else including the non starting we’ll do absolutely nothing except wash the car and tell you we don’t have to waste our time,I did try and point out that under the law they were responsible NOT Bracknell it was with them i had the contract of SaleI just couldn’t be bothered pushing and pushing , BMW sop in Bracknell told me that the dealer was doing “everything” , I didn’t want to waste time and expense with a solicitor so I just got them to buy the car back this sounds typical of BMW , If its just a few customers who are unhappy who cares as was the case with the breaking alloys a few years ago maybe If I had pushed as other should then perhaps the problem would be relating to an extra couple of mil oakley sunglasses lion cars?

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