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3 million customers after console sells out in under a week

Initial sales of the player exceeded its predecessor, oakley sunglasses the PlayStation 3, by more than 80% in the first few days, executives of the Grapevine, Texas based chain said today on a conference call with analysts. They also anticipate a large waiting list for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, suggesting a prolonged i oakley sunglasses ndustry sales slump is ending.

Sony said on Nov. and Canada within 24 hours of the US$399 machine going on sale. The figure included some of the 1 million units Tokyo based Sony presold on a global basis, said Dan Race, a PlayStation spokesman.

Microsoft’s US$499 Xbox One goes on sale tomorrow in 13 countries and also is expected to be in high demand after a seven year drought on new home c oakley sunglasses onsoles from the two companies. Nintendo Co.’s Wi oakley sunglasses i U is entering its second year of sales.

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The retailer, which accounts for more than half of Sony and Microsoft’s video game software sales, will benefit from the console transition based on its ability to lure gamers who trade in older titles and hardware for discounts on new gear, said Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Robert W. Baird Co. in San Francisco. He recommends buying the stock.

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