oakley sunglasses 3 people and 3 bagsSorry,

3 people and 3 bags

Sorry, but I just wanted to get some opinions on car rentals. We only have to get from the airport to Suncoast for 5 nights and minor driving around. I had a Pontiac G6 reserved for $158.91 but have found a lower price of $140.00 for a G5. Probably a stupid question but I am not familiar with either of these cars and have no idea how big or small they are? It confusing because all of the car companies have the same type cars in different classifications. Just wanted some opinions. Previously we have just rented a mini van beca oakley sunglasses oakley sunglasses >ng> oakley sunglasses use we had a larger group. This time only three of us. I will ask just to watch their faces. We once went up north here to Traverse City with me, hubby, son and two of his friends for a holiday weekend in our minivan. Needless to say it broke down and AAA towed it for me but we had to be back to school/work on Tuesday so we rented a car (can remember make/model) but it was SMALL. We shoved 5 of us and 4 golf bags/luggage oakley sunglasses in that thing for a 4 hour drive home in the heat. The teen guys in the back were bitching the whole way about someone sweaty legs touching and I had a cooler and bag on top of me the entire way home. I am surprised we didn all kill each other. One year we went to Vegas and got a van for 5 of us with 2 golf bags, 7 suitcases, etc. We barely got the door closed. My Mom was telling my husband just come back and get us and make two trips and he was like hell no. We crammed in there like sardines.

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