oakley sunglasses 3 Reasons Eric Northman Will D

3 Reasons Eric Northman Will Die

Ever since we heard that True Blood has a major death in Season 6, we been nervous. During each episode, we hold our breath and hope that one of our favorites isn suddenly killed off, but that not all. As anxious as we are about seeing someone perish, we also are always on the lookout for clues of who will bite the dust, and unfortunately, it looks like it will be Eric Northman.

In addition to him dropping hints in interviews most recently, recently had to do a very emotional scene with a blood bag. I can talk about it too much, but that was quite difficult. there have been a few recent moments that have us particularly scared for the Viking vamp. Read on to see three reasons we think Eric will die, and then sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

1. He made his next of kin. Though Eric already made one vampire and loves Pam more than anyone in his life, he created another in Season 6, Episode 4: Last. While it was to ruin a life rather than save one when he turned Willa Burrell, that doesn matter he still made a next of kin, who he has entrusted to carry on his legacy if he ever meets the True Death. We guessing Pam won be too happy, but regardless, with two of his own in the world now, they would have each other if he died just like him and Nora. (Well, maybe minus the incest; maybe not.)

2. He would sacrifice himself to save the ones he loves. Back in Season 1, we would never have guessed that Eric would sacrifice himself for someone else, but these days, he a bit more selfless. Now that the Billith problem seems to be mostly solved and the vampires vs. humans war is in full swing, there are plenty o oakley sunglasses f opportunities for Eric to throw himself in front of a wooden bullet in the name of someone he loves. As estranged as he and Sookie ar oakley sunglasses e, we have a feeling he would still save her, and now that he has two vamps to look after (Pam and Willa), there is an even bigger chance of his sacrifice. In next week episode (Season 6, Episode 5: the Pain Away it looks lik oakley sunglasses e he and Tara go to rescue Pam and Willa from the Police, which means lots of vampire killing weapons surrounding them. Sounds like a bloodbath, and Eric may not come out alive.

3. It would be the most shocking. Even though we predicting his death, it would be the most shocking in True Blood history. Eric has been around since the start of the series and is a huge fan favorite, both in the books and TV show. Killing him would not only be incredibly s oakley sunglasses urprising and upsetting, but would risk a lot for the show. Would fans stick around if Eric died? How would the rest of the characters cope without sacrificing the integrity of the show? Would this launch the beginning of the end for the hit HBO show? So many questions. Regardless, killing Eric would be a huge turning point, though whether it negative or positive remains to be seen. It couldn be a cop out death, either. If he went out, he would have to go out in a rain of silver and wooden bullets, either saving someone he loves or something equally epic and exciting.

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