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31 Things You Should Never Need To Buy

Cashing Out is The Huffington Post Alberta’s look into lives of Albertans who are trying to make their dollars stretch a bit further. We’ll examine people who are spending less, cutting back and bucking the rampant consumer culture in a province where the jobs are abundant and the wages high.

Watching bills pile up and the red overtake the black in bank balances is a reality for a majority of today’s income earners.

Spending for the sake of spending has become therapy for some and a habit for most, a trend that’s seeing personal debt reach record levels and leading to cluttered lives. But as a trend, it’s not mandatory.

As kids we oakley sunglasses were taught the three R’s reduce, reuse and recycle but how quickly it seems we’ve forgotten two of the three.

Recycling is easy. Society constantly prompts us to recycle, from blue bins to reminders on bottles and cans. We know recycling is good for the environment.

But what about the two other R’s reducing and reusing? Have people gotten so caught up in the recycling hype that they’ve forgotten these other R’s?

Reducing and reusing are great ways to cut down on waste sent to landfills, to help curb clutter in the home and to leave more money in the wallet.

Websites oakley sunglasses like Freecycle, Craigslist and Kijiji make reducing and reusing easy one can pick up items for a fraction of the cost and free up some cash, and room, by also selling stuff that’s no longer needed.

Reducing and reusing can take a bit of patience, resourcefulness and creativity. Click through the slideshow below to see 31 everyday items that can be crafted or created by reducing or reusing items already found around the house.

What items have you stopped buying? What are you using in its place? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

Don’t Buy: PensInstead: Look around your house and office. There are likely dozens of pens tucked away in bags, boxes and drawers that are long forgotten.

Don’t Buy: Air FreshenersInstead: Try putting out coffee grounds , tea leaves or orange peels. A box of baking powder in the fridge or closet can help beat bad odors as well.

Don’t Buy: Dog Poop BagsInstead: Use old grocery bags, produce bags, freezer bags, bread bags, etc.

Don’t Buy: Cardboard BoxesInstead: Ask around. Ask you friends and fam oakley sunglasses ily members for boxes left over from their last move. Ask your work if you can take some old boxes or politely ask the warehouse workers at your local grocery store. There are no shortage of boxes out there, you just have to hunt around.

Don’t Buy: Dishwasher Rinse AgentInstead: Use pure distilled white vinegar it does exactly the same thing. Plus, it’s easier on the environment.

Don’t Buy: A Back ScratcherInstead: Ask a friend, use a chopstick or hunt around for a cooking utensil with a long handle.

Don’t Buy: Ice PacksInstead: Follow the way of the pros. Instead of shelling out money on frozen ice packs, just use the tried and true method of ice cubes in a plastic bag.

Don’t Buy: oakley sunglasses Cat ToysInstead: Most cats aren’t that picky when it comes to what they will play with. Old wine corks, balled up tinfoil and pieces of string or ribbon will keep them amused for, well, maybe not hours, but until they decide they are too good for their toys.

Don’t Buy: BookmarksInstead: Use any old scrap of paper laying around the house. Or (gasp!) just fold the page over to keep your place. If you’re the kind of bookworm who loves a nice bookmark, try making one!

Don’t Buy: Jewelry Organizers Instead: Try making one yourself. Get creative with an old rake, window frame or cork board. Or try any one of these amazing ideas.

Don’t Buy: Valentines (Or Any Other Cards)Instead: Try making your own. A handmade card or note from the heart is less expensive and means more to the recipient. There are plenty of ideas for handmade cards on Pinterest.

Don’t Buy: iPad or Tablet CoversInstead: Try making your own. You could sew one out of fabric, and old blanket or a yoga mat, or use this awesome tutorial to make one out of an old notebook.

Don’t Buy: Pot ScrubbersInstead: Try using aluminum foil. Or create a pot scrubber using mesh produce bags.

Don’t Buy: Halloween CostumesInstead: Root through your closet and see what could possibly be turned into a costume with a bit of face paint and a prop. Or you could ask friends if they have a costume they are willing to recycle. If you’re really desperate, try second hand and thrift stores. These places often have gently used costumes at a fraction of the price you’ll find in costume shops or online.

Don’t Buy: Christmas TagsInstead: Try recycling old Christmas cards into tags or reusing old ones. Or just use a scrap of left over wrapping paper. Because, really, who’s paying attention to the tag when there’s a gift to be opened?

Don’t Buy: Plastic Flower PotsInstead: Ask around and keep your eyes peeled. Often people will leave their old containers near the trash at the end of gardening season or frequently give them away on Kijiji or Freecycle.

Don’t Buy: Cleaning RagsInstead: Try cutting up old cotton t shirts into rags. They do the trick just fine.

Don’t Buy: Glass CleanerInstead: Try vinegar and newspaper. Oldest trick in the book also leaves behind the least streaks.

Don’t Buy: HooksInstead: Old metal cutlery, nails, wrenches, keys, branches and figurines can all act as a creative solutions to buying hooks. Trash Backwards has some awesome ideas for repurposing items in your home into hooks.

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