oakley vault 5 signs your band guy is a dir

5 signs your band guy is a dirt bag

Second of all, you probably had some idea that the guy was a jerk before you married him.

Band guys are somewhat of a different breed. They constantly around people, looking for attention (hopefully in a musical way) and they often on the road. So, how do you know that your oakley vault band guy is a dud? Here are my top five red flags to watch for.

1. He doesn invite you to shows or to hang out with his friends. Unless you the kind of girl that is constantly causing drama anywhere you go, it is highly unusual that your significant other doesn want you to see him (or her) doing what he loves or that he doesn want you to spend time with your friends. It likely he hiding something or hoping to do something to hide so he leaving you behind in an effort not to get caught.

2. It one way communication. You always the one initiating a phone call, text, or email conversation. His phone regularly and you get his voicemail. No matter where in the world he is on tour, unless he is a complete idiot or doesn have a smartphone, there is WiFi somewhere. Plus, there this super cool thing called a calling card yes they still make them and they fairly inexpensive. Even if you don have in depth phone calls or conversations every single day, there should be some level of communication. Or at least communication about when he will be out of range before he is out of range.

3. He can commit to plans or you. He doesn know if he is free, but he isn scheduled to work and he doesn have a show. Or any other prior commitment. Then there the whole, really like you, but I not ready to make this official, when you been seeing eachother regularly for months. It should be abundantly clear that he is looking for something better to do. oakley vault In both areas.

4. He hates your friends. And your family. Sure, we all have friends that won be a favorite of our significant other. What I talking about is the hatred of your beautiful, intelligent, mild mannered, fun, couldn be a better person if she was Gandhi best friend. Not only does he hate her, but he refuses to spend time with you and your friend, even though it would m oakley vault ake you happy.

5. You constantly have that nagging feeling something isn right. This seems like a no brainer, but I can tell you how often people ignore the sick, paranoid sensation that their significant other or dude that they seeing is doing something awful behind her back. If you have to ask yourself, or him, if he oakley vault is cheating on you and you constantly looking for signs that he is that your sign. It will suck to admit it to yourself and he will most certainly lie about it, but you need to do yourself a favor and get out.

The truth is, people don often change and they only way they can change is if they admit that they need to and really want to do it. It won necessarily get better the longer you stick it out or the older the person gets. Everyone has to learn their own lessons, and sometimes it means missing the one who got away.

I realize that giving you these five signs is counter intuitive to that last part, but the truth is, if you picked him, no one not even your family is going to tell you how terrible he is. You have to figure it out for yourself. Because even if you get there on your own, it takes a lot of strength and courage to leave someone that you love and hope will change.

Of course, you can turn this around on women and any other relationship situation. But that my unsolicited five cents. With that, we now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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