oakley vault 5 Stupid Travel Myths Everyone

5 Stupid Travel Myths Everyone Believes

2. Wear a Money Belt

Watching out for scams is a sad but necessary aspect of traveling, whether it’s as simple as pickpocketing or more involved, like ATM skimming or tipping.

You mean other than the fact that money belts will make you look like an idiot, are impossible to actually get money into and out of (without looking like an idiot), and don’t protect you from any non pickpocketing scams? Do you need more reasons?

Avoiding pickpockets and oakley vault scammers needn’t be so difficult, and doesn’t take much more than common sense. Pickpockets make use of some pretty transparent distraction schemes when operating, which are pretty easy to spot in action.

1. Make an Effort to Meet Locals

Surprisingly, one of the hardest things about traveling is meeting people who actually live in the places you visit. As often as not, the only people you’ll ever have an actual conversation with are Australians.

Our stock image service threw a surprising blank when queried with “Au oakley vault stralians + drunk,” so you’ll just have to imagine these guys surrounded by about 50 tins of cheap lager.

And because traveling is supposed to be about new experiences, travelers like to share all sorts of tips and tricks for how to meet locals. Things like “hanging out in different parts of town” or “getting off the fucking tour bus” or basically anything so that the experience of traveling becomes more than drinking lager with Australians in every city you visit.

Locals want nothing to do with you, and the ones you manage to get close to will hate you for it. Consider who you are to them: Unless you’re in an extremely distant corner of the globe, you aren’t new or interesting to them. You’re not an exotic bird to be fawned over. And you’re sure as fuck not bringing valuable news from the north. You are one of thousands of people visiting their city that day, getting in their goddamned way. And you’ll be gone in three days! There i oakley vault s no reason any local would ever want to spend any time around you at all.

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