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5 Things To Reuse And Repurpose CBS Philly

Plastic bags are an obvious item to save. Many people have a plastic bag stash under their sink, which comes in handy when you need a bag to carry your homemade dish to that party you were invited to, line your bathroom trashcan or clean up the dog waste in the yard or kitty litter. In addition to the plastic shopping bags, you can also reuse sandwich bags. Just wash them out and turn them inside out to dry. The same applies to aluminum foil. If you just used it to wrap bread or something that can be easily cleaned off, then just wash it with some soap and leave it out to dry. These don’t have to be onetime use items.

Yogurt cups can be reused as little bowls that can be great for picnics. They can also be used as flowerpots/planter starters since they are the perfect size for trying to get little seeds to germinate. Just drill a couple of small holes in the bottom to help with drainage. They can also be used a o oakley vault akley vault s containers to store anything from snacks, pens, beads, shells, etc. and can also be used as little scoops for pet food, coffee, sugar or as a sand shovel for your children if they have a sandbox.

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